Stalker SHOC Remastered, is a reconstruction of the entire Zone Stalker Shadow of chernobyl, the old mod forgotten by Ghosts group, now this right back with great news and moved by Lost Mods group (formerly GHOSTS group but with new participants), and far beyond that would be the Stalker SHOC Reconstruction.

90 New Scripts (view original)

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90 New Scripts, bringing variety, you will be able to sleep until a certain point also, the Stalker is not sleeping all the time, if you slept from 13:00 until 19:00, you will be able to sleep after 3 hours, a red bar had been the view when she can fill you sleep, remember the Stalker, will need to sleep, sleepingbag will not have at all Stalkers, their cost will be 8,000 RU, the more you sleep, the more he'll be damaged.
I used Google Translator, I'm German and practice over the Portuguese

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