In Nightmare House 2 you wake up inside an abandoned hospital with no understanding of how you came to be there, only a vague memory of the girl from Nightmare House haunts you. Soon it will be difficult to determine between a dream and reality. How long will it take you to realize that escape is not an option?

mrx1501633990 says

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I wanted to give it a 10, but it's only a 9 for a few reasons. Mostly, because the fast zombies are nearly exactly the same than those of Half-Life 2 and are given to much prominence among enemies; on the other hand, regular zombies are very similar and fitting enemies in many different games, so it would have made more sense to me to only feature those, especially since their appearance in this mod is extremely well crafted. The other downpoint is longevity: the mod is pretty short.
Everything else is brilliant. The setting is extremely well designed, the sound and voice acting are good, the story is good, the NPCs and their interaction with the main character are especially good.
I also very appreciate how stable it is and easy to install. I only had a problem with the game crashing right after launching, which was readily taken care of after reading the info file.
Very recommended to anyone into horror shooters with plenty of action but still a distinctive atmosphere.

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Awesome nightmare feeling! Better than FEAR or other horror shooter. One of the best, or the best mod in 2010.

Nov 20 2010 by cW#Ravenblood