A massive-scale total conversion based on the New Republic and New Jedi Order eras, and the Star Wars Expanded Universe.

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0.8 is the largest update since the mod’s launch.

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The New Jedi Order mod


Galactic Conquests

The Yuuzhan Vong War comes to an end, and the Galactic Civil War period is expanded upon with four new Galactic Conquests:

  • New ‘9 ABY: Heir to the Empire’
    • New Republic, Galactic Empire (Thrawn’s Confederation)
  • New ‘10 ABY: Prelude to Darkness’
    • New Republic, Imperial Loyalists
  • New ‘10-11 ABY: Dark Empire’
    • New Republic, Dark Empire, Imperial Mutineers
  • New ‘29-30 ABY: Unifying Force’
    • Galactic Alliance, Yuuzhan Vong

StarwarsG 2019 05 05 08 48 15 47

While some cover the same time period as Thrawn’s Revenge, the GCs are original, with a different interpretation, fresh design and the distinct flavour of the NJO mod, and were built from the ground-up.

An Imperial expansion campaign has also been added to the Dark Tide GC. This was a successful trial for adding playable campaigns for factions that are not a core part of the story material covered. I.e. the Imperial Remnant don’t appear in the New Republic or Yuuzhan Vong campaigns, but they are still playable. This will be extended in the next release, so that more factions have opportunities to take part in additional GCs.

StarwarsG 2019 03 10 18 10 08 03

New factions

The ‘Imperial’ faction slot is used to represent many distinct subfactions with their own unique tech trees, land and space rosters, and play style, depending on the era. Three new playable Imperial factions are introduced in 0.8:

  • Galactic Empire (Thrawn’s Confederation)
  • Imperial Loyalists
  • Dark Empire

StarwarsG 2019 05 29 21 54 03 82

Galactic Empire (Thrawn’s Confederation):

Space: TIE Vanguard, TIE Defender, Scimitar, Gamma Assault Transport, Lancer, Carrack, Ton Falk, Type-A Fleet Tender, Katana Dreadnought, Strike, Enforcer, Vindicator, Immobiliser-418, Victory I, Victory II, Procursator, Imperial I, Imperial II, Dominator

Land: Army Troopers, Stormtroopers (Spaarti Clones), Plex Troopers, Scout Snipers, Noghri Assasin Team, Speeder Bike, Skiff, AT-PT, AT-ST, Chariot LAV, I-H, Mobile Artillery, LAAT/i, AT-AT

Imperial Loyalists roster:

Space: I-7 Holwrunner, TIE Defender, CR10, CR90 (modified), DP20, Carrack, DP70, Strike, CR120, Acclamator I, CC-6400, Immobiliser-418, Modular Taskforce Cruiser, Harrow, Procursator, Imperial II, Allegiance, Torpedo Sphere, Mandator II, Vengeance

Warlord-specific (buildable in the territory of certain warlords): Skipray, TIE Hunter, Acclamator II, Katana, Enforcer, Neutron Star, Gladiator, Victory I (Crimson), Tector, Conqueror, Praetor II, Mandator III

Land: Army Troopers, Stormtroopers, Blackhole Stormtroopers, Plex Troopers, E-Web, Scout Sniper, Speeder Bike, ISB Agent, Royal Guards, TIE Mauler, Skiff, Chariot LAV, AT-PT, Century, AT-ST, AT-AA, I-H, Mobile Artillery, XR-85, AT-AT

Dark Empire roster:

Era 1

Space: I-7 Howlrunner, TIE Droid, Skipray, CR-10, CR90 (modified), DP-70, CR-120, Lictor, Star Galleon, Acclamator I, Modular Taskforce Cruiser, CR-6400, Victory III, Procursator, Imperial II, Tyrant, Allegiance, Secutor, Praetor II, World Devastator, Vengeance, Sovereign

Land: Stormtroopers, Blackhole Stormtroopers, Plex Troopers, E-Web, Scout Sniper, Speeder Bike, Royal Guards, Dark Sider, TIE Mauler, IDT Gunship, Mobile Artillery, AT-PT, AT-AR, AT-ST Assault, Century, XR-85, AT-AT

Era 2

Space: I-7 Howlrunner, A9, Shadow Droid, CR-10, CR90 (modified), DP-70, CR-120, Acclamator I, Star Galleon, Modular Taskforce Cruiser, CC-6400, Victory III, Procursator, Imperial II, Allegiance, Secutor, Praetor II, Tyrant, Bellator, Mandator III, Sovereign, Galaxy Gun Missile

Land: Stormtroopers, Blackhole Stormtroopers, SD-10, E-Web, Scout Sniper, Speeder Bike, Royal Guards, Dark Sider, TIE Mauler, IDT Gunship, Mobile Artillery, AT-PT, AT-AR, AT-ST Assault, UT-CT, Viper X-1 Automadon, Chrysalide, AT-AT

Dark Empire tech progression occurs when Palpatine in Eclipse I is killed.

StarwarsG 2019 05 11 17 50 23 69


In addition, the Yuuzhan Vong are now an emergent faction in every Galactic Civil War-era GC, with the new INVASION mechanic. The player can decide (by clicking on Helska IV) whether or not to trigger an early Yuuzhan Vong invasion, destabilising the balance of power and setting up novel ‘what if’ scenarios like the Reborn Emperor being the last bulwark against the Yuuzhan Vong invaders, or the Praetorite Vong arriving in the immediate aftermath of the Battle of Endor. The INVASION mechanic is solely under the player control, and you have one choice per GC as to whether to play with the Vong as an emergent faction or not.

StarwarsG 2019 05 04 10 47 13 92

Reworked New Republic core space roster and era system:

Era 1: T-65 X-wing, Y-wing, B-wing, A-wing, GR75, CR90, Nebulon-B, Balrus, Assault Frigate, Assault Frigate B2, Dreadnought, MC80A, MC80 Liberty, MC80 Independence, MC80B, MC85

Era 2: T-65 AC4 X-wing, E-wing, B-wing, A-wing, GR75, CR90 (modified), Nebulon-B, DP-70, CR-120, Proficient, Defender, Republic SD, MC90, MC80 Independence, MC85, MC104, Pelagia

Era 3: E-wing, K-wing, B-wing, A-wing, CR90 (modified), Sacheen, Hajen, Corona, Majestic, Republic SD, Nebula, Endurance, MC90, MC104, Viscount

Era 4: XJ1 X-wing, K-wing, B-wing, A-wing, Ranger, Hajen, Corona, Bothan Assault Cruiser, Republic heavy cruiser, MC90, Nebula, Endurance, Strident, Mediator, Viscount

In addition they have access to a Fleet Reserve Yard:

Era 1: Action IV, Neutron Star, Strike Cruiser (modified)

Era 2: Assault Frigate, Neutron Star, Strike Cruiser (modified)

Era 3: Xiytiar, Balrus, Proficient, Strike Cruiser (modified)

Era 4: Xiytiar, Balrus, Strike Cruiser (modified)

...and a Captured Imperial shipyard:

Era 1-2: Immobiliser-418, Victory I, Imperial I, Bellator (1 only)

Era 3: Immobiliser-418, Victory I, Imperial II

Era 4: Immobiliser-418, Victory I, Imperial II (Rejuvenator-subtype)

Galactic Alliance core space roster:

Era 5/Galactic Alliance: XJ3, B-wing, Ranger, Balrus, Republic heavy cruiser, MC80B II, Rejuvenator, MC90 II, Harbinger, Mediator, Viscount

The Galactic Alliance can also construct their member states’ shipyards on any world:

Mon Calamari Subsidiary: MC40, MC75, MC80M, MC80 Liberty, MC80 Independence

5th Fleet Shipyard: Ferret, Sacheen, Corona, Majestic, Nebula, Endurance

Kuat Drive Yards Subsidiary: Imperial II (Mon Mothma-subtype)

Rendili Subsidiary: Dreadnought, Assault Frigate, Republic SD

Corellian Engineering Corp Subsidiary: CR90, CR-2200 Interdictor, CD-10

Civilian Spaceport: Cloakshape, R-41, CR10 Patrol Ship, Guardian, Firespray

These lists do not include the large number of indigenous units available to the New Republic and Galactic Alliance (including Imperial and Chiss ships buildable by the GA from Imperial and Chiss space respectively).

The New Republic can also choose whether to specialise their worlds for military or economic purposes – with space station construction trees giving a choice between defensive stations and economic/population ones.

StarwarsG 2019 05 06 08 25 39 66

Other changes

  • New ships, including: Eclipse I, Eclipse II, Vengeance, MC85, MC104, Pelagia, Liberator/Emancipator subtype ISD, Sovereign, Yuuzhan Vong Dreadship, Strike Cruiser (modified), Tyrant, Miid Ro’ik II, Galaxy Gun Missile, Gladiator, Victory III, MC80 B II, MC90 II, CR-2200 Interdictor, Crimson Command ISD + VSD I + VSD II, Rejuvenator-subtype ISD II, World Devastator, TIE Phantom, Conqueror SD
  • New space stations, including: Galaxy Gun, Orbital Ion Cannon, Orbital Hypervelocity Gun, Inos Fonada’s Asteroid Base, Captured Imperial Shipyard
  • New heroes, including: Jan Dodonna, Lord Cronal, Reborn Emperor, dark side Luke Skywalker, Carnor Jax, Sate Pestage, Kam Solusar, Burr Nolyds, Vima-Da-Boda, Umak Leth, Ars Dangor, Ved Kennede, Feyet Keiz, Syun Snunb
  • New units, including: ISB Agent, Alpha Blue Operative, Dark Side Adept, Imperial Sovereign Protector, SD-10 Battle Droid, AT-ST Assault, AT-AR, Chrysalide, Viper X1 Automadon, I-H Repulsor Tank
  • Tech progression has been introduced for the Empire of the Hand, allowing them to merge with the Chiss Ascendancy and providing access to Chiss units.
  • Corporations: CEC, KDY, SoroSuub, Sienar and many others that provide ship discounts and boosts
  • New planets, including: Alsakan, Kaikielius, Vortex, Altyr V, Vjun
  • New/edited space and land maps
  • New replacement icons
  • New sound effects

StarwarsG 2019 06 01 10 35 49 57

It contains a huge amount of new material, but also includes system-upgrades and patches to improve the gameplay experience.

  • AI overhaul – the AI are now much more aggressive on all difficulty levels, and the bug of passive AI has now been resolved. The hardest difficulty setting is still recommended for the most challenging game.
  • Space combat – the pace of space battles has been slowed down in 0.8 to stop combat feeling rushed. Balancing has also been improved.
  • Level 4 shipyards – factions which can build Battlecruisers and Star Dreadnoughts/Super Star Destroyers will now need to build a Level 4 shipyard to construct them
  • Jedi and Sith – force users and lightsaber-wielders are now much better balanced than before, and are useful in combat again. Each force user has their force abilities, and their rank in eahc ability, included in their tooltip for quick reference

Thanks and acknowledgements

While NJO started as a submod for Thrawn's Revenge 2.1, it has evolved a lot since then, with many, many new models from the Alliance mod and from the Vong Invaders Expansion (among others). All models are used with permission - and with my sincere gratitude to all those modders from the community who have agreed to share their assets and hard work for this project - something I hope all can enjoy.

StarwarsG 2019 06 23 11 35 56 07

StarwarsG 2019 03 16 22 08 00 06

StarwarsG 2019 06 22 10 39 14 77



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I can't decide which GC and as what faction I'll play first ahh too much!!!!

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LegoStarWarsEU Author

I would recommend ‘Unifying Force’ as the Galactic Alliance. It’s a massive map, showing a galactic-scale war, and you get to play as what is virtually a huge omni-faction with virtually every hero still alive present and mixed fleets of Mon Calamari, 5th Fleet, Kuati, Corellian, Hutt, Imperial, Hapan, Chiss, Bakuran, Sullustan and Mandalorian ships all under your command.

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so the ending to Mass Effect 3 then cool.

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When is the beautiful update to be released? 😀😀

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LegoStarWarsEU Author

V0.8 will come out on Saturday

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Is that 0.8 released?

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LegoStarWarsEU Author

It is!

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Omg the amount of work put into this project is enormous and i love every detail you've put into it

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LegoStarWarsEU Author

Thank you so much -- sorry I've only just seen this!

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Can the Galaxy Gun destroy planets?

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LegoStarWarsEU Author

The station itself only allows construction of a missile that basically one-shots fleets

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Where Can I download the 0.8 version? I can't find here on MODB and I have the GOG version of the game,so not Steam

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LegoStarWarsEU Author

Sorry, it's Steam only. The Steam version has essential upgrades to the game.

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How do I get the Dark Empire? I have tried a few campaigns, but not been able to figure out how.

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Never mind, I am a moron. I do have a question, though. Have you considered adding Heroes and the Imperial sub-factions to the one-planet start? It would really help spice it up for us Imperial players. XD

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