A massive-scale total conversion based on the New Jedi Order era and the Star Wars Expanded Universe.

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Remnant schism
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LegoStarWarsEU Author

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The Yuuzhan Vong will also have their own storyline if they manage to kill Pellaeon - involving characters from the Star Wars: Invasion comics.

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If Pellaeon dies in 25 ABY a complicated schism event occurs, triggering a coup led by Moff Flennic, and a small civil war in the Remnant.

If the Grand Admiral is lost in battle the Imperial Remnant emerges as an independent faction on Yaga Minor, led by Moff Flennic.

Meanwhile Moff Ephin Sarreti spawns on Borosk with a small force of ships and pledges to support his mentor Pellaeon's alliance with the New Republic. He and his ships, along with Imperial assets remaining in New Republic space, can then launch an attack on Remnant territory to retake it and gain access to Yaga Minor's vital Star Destroyer shipyards.

The pictures show, from left to right:

1) Yaga Minor falls under Moff Flennic's control. The remaining Imperial forces loyal to Sarreti, formerly under Pellaeon's command, gather at a navpoint in the Prefsbelt system.

2) Sarreti's flagship, the Procursator-class Star Destoryer 'Renewal' and a small task force of loyalist/New Republic-backed ships.

3) Moff Sarreti's loyalists engaged Flennic's hardliner forces over Yaga Minor, which is protected by two Golan IIIs.

4) Sarreti's fleet consists of whatever Imperial ships are left from Pellaeon's expedition, units recruited from Borosk, and a small force of old Arquitens ships (as well as his own Star Destroyer).

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