After one and a half years of work we are ready to officially introduce you this addon. For a long time we've been thinking of how to preserve the atmosphere of this game loved by all of us, but at the same time to extend the existing limits, bring up new gameplay and experience. This time we've gone far beyond simple fan map-making and are going to prove to you that Blood is not this hopeless even without source code. From the beginning BAITD was aimed at expanding gameplay, it can't be limited by common gameplay borders, so here you're going to see a lot of new features. This is new BAITD, so don't compare it to the previous versions and, more importantly, to other people's addons.

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KingRandom says

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Enjoyable and well-made mini episode. Great atmosphere, excellent detailing. Opening map is set in a foggy swamp filled with crypts and abandoned buildings. You then continue to a beautiful, sprawling mansion and finish in this underground area that combines ruins, caverns and fleshy organic elements. Second map is my absolute favorite, everyone who has fond memories of creepy mansions from old AitD and RE games will surely enjoy this one.
I wasn't a big fan of that tree-like boss, as he was rather frustrating and annoying. He was impressive in a way though, and I can respect amount of effort that went into its creation.


Jelito2008 says

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Blood as an adventure game: an unforgivable treachery?

No! Excellent exhibition of inovative ideas, gloomy feelings and mapping skills, I say! All you need is to be open-minded. Only then you can fully enjoy NAITD.

P.S. Best Blood Sector-boss ever! Awesome work.


haywan says

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My favorite fan made Blood episode. Only Blood mod I enjoyed more is Death Wish, but that is entire campaign and it's quality is something else as far as mods for old shoters go.
New Alone In The Dark consists of three great looking, atmospheric and very challenging maps. Map two alone makes this episode a must play, especially for fans of original Alone in the Dark game, as it is tribute of sorts to mansion from thag game and a great one at that.


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