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A Neverwinter Nights 1 persistent roleplaying server set in the Forgotten Realms. The setting is focused on the ancient past of the Forgotten Realms, specifically the early history of the Netheril Empire. The main settlement of the server is the town of Hadrian; a border town recently settled by the Netherese on the very edge of the expanding Netheril Empire. Though the Netheril Empire is powerful, it is still in it's infancy and far from the Arcane power of Forgotten Realm lore.

The lands around Hadrian are harsh and the town faces many challenges as it attempts to establish itself in virgin wilderness. These virgin lands are said to be filled with vicious animals, bands of goblins, orcs, and even savage humanoids that refuse to accept a civilized life style. There are also rumors of a great tribe of goblins that still survives just beyond the border of the lands' claimed by the Empire with the establishment of Hadrian.

The town of Hadrian is not without resource, however. It has an established Militia, headed by officers of the Imperial Army. Representatives from each of the three most influential Imperial Houses. A member of the Enclave, the Arcanists Guild of the Netheril Empire. Even an Oracle of Janath is said to call the lands around Hadrian home.

While Hadrian may prosper for the moment, it's future is in the hands of the colonists whom are arriving daily. Drawn from throughout the Empire, they come for many reasons. A new start, a chance to prove themselves, or fortune and glory perhaps. Regardless of their reason, without their support it is doubtful Hadrian will survive in this wild and savage land.


  • Over 120 areas.
  • Netheril Rising offers a large amount of scripted quests to do, both for those that like playing in groups, and flying solo. These quests run off of Netherils custom Instanced Quest System, which makes it so that any number of people can do the same quest, in different instances at the same time.
  • DM supported player factions are encouraged.
  • Netheril Rising has an area exploration system in place, that rewards PCs for venturing to the vast dangers of the world, and seizing the opportunities to explore.
  • We offer a full service of DM factions for everyone's fancy. From a group of people that want to stop the Netheril Empire from being built, to people who are trying to push it along, to lawmakers, and mage guilds!
  • Regularly run DM events
  • Custom skills and spells
  • Custom summoning themes are implemented, with the intention to allow you to create your own summoning themes, as well as capture your own bonded creature. (Animal Companion/Familiar)

The module makes use of Project Q hak pack along with six six six's wildland tiles, and a selection of hand picked gems from the vault. The hak pack can be found on our forums with easy to follow instructions on how to install them (www.netherilrising.com)

Connection Details:

After you have downloaded and installed the haks you can connect to the server by either direct connect: game.netherilrising or find us under pw story on gamespy.

IRC Connection Details:

If you just wish to have a chat and get to know the community we welcome you to come and drop into our irc channel which you can find on the Darkmyst network (irc.darkmyst.org) #netherilrising

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DM Event


I will be holding a server wide event on this day:

Event Time

All are welcome to join even if you were not involved in Part 1. New players are more then welcome to join in on this event. It should be fun!

DM Gmork


Where do I download the mod?

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"So we have listened to the feedback and have taken it on-board for round two. We are currently underway with a rebuild that see's the server move forward in time and we are going to be launching it with Citadels, and Netheril is taking launch. We are also adding loads of new and improved features such as a reputation system which allows players to gain rank within factions (Along with a way for players to recommend reputation points for outstanding feats and deeds favouring their faction, while no dms are online.), new feats and classes along with a huge array of spells and skills. Netheril has risen."

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New quests, new patches and new stuff is in. We have things in the works. *cackles* Ooohhh yesss....plenty of fun to be had...

Come and visit- bring a friend! Bring their friends too!

The friendly DM team want you! To play! So they can tortur- em..entertain you all!

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Be a slave! Be a knight! Be a scout, or a raging barbarian! Try and expand the small township of Hadrian, or oppose it! Join one of the Houses and advance their interests. Become a powerful merchant trader and work to your own whims.
This is the story of the great Netheril empire. Come help us tell the story and leave a mark in history.

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