Since Desann's defeat Dark Reborn Jedi where thought to have been wiped out but they have been spotted in Outer Rim Worlds of the New Republic. Without anyone to lead them I doubt they will be to much trouble, anyway I have imperials to deal with at the moment. I must travel to Bespin, I've have gotten word of remnant troops taking it over. I think its time to see if these rumors are true. Its in the most beautiful part of Bespin, Cloud City, so I'll be able to take in the sites if I'm lucky.

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rea987 says

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Decent maps, almost no story and no actual ending. It looks when this mod was made, the creator had map creation talent but lacks story writing and enemy placement. There is no bosses; you encounter some number of reborns and couple shadowtroopers, that is it. Aside from not being able to save in the last level, the mod's compability with "JediOutcastLinux" is okay. Fine mod for its time.


KaiserDucky says

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Nemesis of Katarn is pretty fun, but hard. On level 2, it said I need a key to get through the door. A cut scene played, showing a Rodian telling an officer to go find you, but I couldn't find the officer anywhere. I just went ahead and used the no clip cheat to get through the door.

From what I've played so far, this mod is very well made. The creator of the mod even recycled speech clips to make Kyle and other characters, which contribute to new cut scenes. As a huge Star Wars fan and a story-junkie, I'm very glad to see SP/story oriented mods!


xxT65xx says

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Great mapping, good story


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