Welcome to Necromancer project! It is the first project of one of the upcoming "Roleplaying" series Dreamy Folk is working on. In this mod, you assume the role of a badass Necromancer who must dominate the calradia 90 days! Ready for the challenge? Check all the cool things you can do; Corrupt lands! - Create a corruption in any part of the world, non-lord parties who go through it will turn into undead Decapitation Create illusions of yourself and let them fight for you! Teleport! AOE damage! Control a horde of minions! Control lords! - Leave a sphere of corruption on world map, if a lord passes through it - he will be caught and will be joined your faction from that day forward... Summon undeads - Summon undeads that will fight for you - Slow down enemies around you, cooldown 15 sec - Teleport ahead, cooldown 30 sec Buy souls! - Every enemy that fall in battle will be able to be bought in well of souls in keep Manage your own keep, Dark Tower - Throne scene. - Buy souls.

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