Ramaraunt, alongside old Andzi, present: Native Alternate Expansion This mod is made in honor of Peasant the Unruley, a member of the Persistent World community who passed away in June, 2016. Welcome to Native Alternate Expasnion!We're here to tell you about our modification that has been several months in the making. Using multiple OSP packs and personal touches, we have managed to create our version of a Warband Masterpiece. Andzi Proxy has managed to put his scene creation skills to good uses, creating amazing works of art for you to find in the game, as well as a few hidden surprises.

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mairrics says

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Hard work is the formula to a good mod.


ArchAngel45 says

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its such a great mod and its well done


david111777 says

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Played the mod for a few hours. There are a few things I liked and few I found rather annoyed/frustrating.
The new map and the new kingdoms.
New scenes.
Freelancer payments.
Faction relation porting.
Visual troop tree (although currently totally messed up)
White screen of text during a battle which is not possible to disable.
Getting knocked down by every strike during a fight as if a horse hits you. Seriously frustrating.
Decapitation that is not possible to disable.
A number of troops have rather strange stats e.g. 0's for all proficiency.
Some top tier armor has 1 point for body defense.
There is a serious of script errors in lines 80-88 in relation to courtship. periodically a screen full of red error message come up. And when talking to a bard about ladies you get strange replies like I am needed home or some odd word.
I am running the mod on a w7 64bit non-steam version of 1.168 warband.


turkeypower24 says

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enesktb60 says

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Dragonta1 says

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Britekitey says

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scaly11 says

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