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Megaton crash (Games : Unreal Tournament : Mods : Nali Weapons 3 : Forum : Bug Reports : Megaton crash) Locked
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Nov 6 2012 Anchor

Feralidragon I have a problem.
When I place the Megaton the game crashes.
This happens on deathmatch in every map I play with superweapons.

I hope you can help me out.

Nov 6 2012 Anchor

Ok, questions:
- Have you any mutators loaded up besides NW3? If yes, which ones?
- By every map do you mean also DM-Deck16 for example?
- Could you post a screenshot of the crash? (generally when the game crashes a window appears saying which error occurred)

Nov 6 2012 Anchor

1. yes I use NW3 Extras I.R.P.R Arena
NW3 Extras Monster Hunt
NW3 Extras Nuclear Warning HUD
NW3 Extras Super Bolt Rifle Arena

2. Yes I mean every deathmatch map that spawns the megaton

3. I will send you a screenshot

The screenshot is in my profile because I couldnt send it.

Nov 7 2012 Anchor

Well, it's not supposed to run 2 arenas together nor any arena with the main NW3 mutator.
The IRPR arena and the Super Bolt Rifle arena are the equivalents to the sniper and instagib arenas of UT, so for now remove them from your loaded mutators, and the issue should go away. :)

Either ways I am going to fix it to avoid such situation in the future, within in the next few weeks.

Thanks for the report :)

Nov 7 2012 Anchor

Perhapes this might be the cause of my original problem where launching nukes (level 4 and up) crashes UT. I'll provide the error dialogue next time it happens but I had the modifiers enabled and nw3 both from the mutator menu. There are however no contradictions in this case as described above. :\

Nov 7 2012 Anchor

PinkXan, this problem is not related to yours.
Your crashing problem is something else which I will try to dig further to try to fix (I bet the error dialog complains about something like "URender blah blah Occlusion blah blah"...), but anyway, a screen or text on the error would be helpful to confirm if at least is the same error I am thinking about or not. :)

Nov 8 2012 Anchor

here's the error dialogue:

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