Star Trek: Enterprise - M.A.C.O. is the re-launch of the cancelled Star Trek: Enterprise – Temporal Cold War (E:TCW) single-player Half-Life 2 modification, now based on CryTek’s CryEngine 3 technology. By learning from the mistakes we made during the development of E:TCW and utilizing the majority of the modeling and texturing assets created for its predecessor, we are confident that production will move forward at a far greater speed than the last attempt. Storywise, STE:M aspires to showcase the character-based storytelling format of E:TCW in small, one-hour episodes; gameplay-wise however, it embraces the formula used in the Elite Force series of video games offering both linear combat levels and free roam sections to let players explore the NX-01 Enterprise within reasonable bounds.

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The first Media Update of the Enterprise: Temporal Cold War mod in 2008, featuring model renders and in-game screenshots.

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It has been a long time since we gave any update about our progress, but finally, the time to present the first E:TCW Media Update of 2008 has arrived. Before we would show the work we have done since the last update, let us give you a little status report.

We are really happy to announce that the first internal test version
(entitled "Beta 1") has been released for our betatesters. As such, the first phase of betatesting has started, during which we will polish general gameplay, implement those feature requests (given by our testers) which we find reasonable and necessary, and will constantly add new content (levels, weapons, models) through patches. Currently, our plan is to develop this beta further into the upcoming single player teaser demo.

We would also like to thank all our supporters the votes they gave us during the voting phases of the Mod of The Year contest, not to mention the many kind words and constructive criticism we have received so far. Thanks again, and don't forget: we make this mod for YOU, so we count on your continuing support!

The main website also got updated to give it a more clearly arranged look - we hope that you will like the new design.

OK, now let the pictures talk!

This month, we would like to present both some models (render and also in-game) and a couple of in-game map screenshots. Let's begin with the models!

On the left, you can see the elements of a complete EVA suit kit, the space suit used by Starfleet personnel in the 2150s. If you have any repairs to be made on the ship's hull, or you just want to take a walk outside space, then be sure to change clothes and put on Starfleet's absolutely uncomfortable EVA suit! :-)

On the right, you can see some Vulcan equipment: a pair of environment scanners and the standard-issue sidearm of the officers serving in the Vulcan Fleet.

EVA Space Suit Components Vulcan Equipment

And now, some screenshots from Beta 1, featuring some key areas of the Launchbay map:

The Launchbay Control Center

Launch Bay Control Room Launch Bay Control Room

Airlock #2 and the Turbolift Corridor (under maintenance):

Airlock Entry #2 Under Repair

This concludes the 19th Media Release of the mod. Thank you for your attention,

Live Long And Prosper!

Awesome job and keep it up! Looking good.

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oh, very nice I must say.

Any idea on releasing a in game play vid soon/later?

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Is the HUD element at the bottom center weapon specific? I don't recall having seen it before. The gold doesn't seem to go with the grey theme of the ship IMHO and gives the impression of being screwed to thin air.

I'm a bit disapointed the phaser is looking so plastic in-game too.

I have confidance you'll sort those minor niggles out in Beta.

Other than that you guys are maintaining a conistant high quality, I look forward to playing it when it comes out.

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great stuff as always, i agree with some of the comments above but i'm sure u guys will elevate your work to amazing standards as always keep grinding away guys i'll keep watching.

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JohnBart Author

Thanks for all the remarks and comments. We greatly appreciate them, as they clearly show what are those aspects (among others... :-)) on which we should focus...

The HUD, the weapon models and the reflections are all constantly under development to make sure that everything looks and feels as authentic as possible. ;)

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THis mod needs to die

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Hey guys nice work, yea I have not been back in the forums in a while, not been on the net that often at all.

But glad to see you guys are still at it.

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