The Mystery Combat Squad returns for another action-packed adventure. Mystery Combat Man 3 is a mod about action, adventure, betrayal, and self-discovery. Fight alongside the Mystery Combat Squad to defeat the forces of evil that threaten the land. Just remember, the fate of the world rests on your shoulders.

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This thing doesn't deserve a review. It's just pure crap and I think the creators of this mod released this as a joke.

The texturing is awful, the music is incredibly loud. The AI sucks major balls and the levels don't end.

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This game will take you from your vintage lounge in your Mom's Basement and place you in the boots of video games most legendary hero, Mystery Combat Man. Take a deep and meaningful, and emotional journey through the world of Mystery Combat Man as you hunt down the evil Odessa Cubbage for some reason that I'm not completely sure about. This game includes dynamic combat, 3D graphics and a beautiful soundtrack. Level transition is so smooth you won't even realize it happened. The combat is extremely…

Sep 10 2014 by Moopium