Steal stuff and bring it to your home! "BUT HOW?" I hear you cry! With sheer Bad-assery is how! Now with extra memes!

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swagNswift says

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This is much better than Mugging Sim 2017, while Mugging Sim 2017 only had 3 maps that were pretty good, it wasn't long enough. It was about 25 minutes of gameplay. Mugging Sim 2018 adds 3 more maps, that are also very well designed for a joke mod, I liked them. These maps are actually all part of a story, but I thought they were all very good. Short, but a very fun experience. I hope the creator makes another one.


El_Zongo says

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s throwing me to main menu when im playin


VladImplies says

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god_in_the_machine says

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i haven't played the original version so keep that in mind

"troll mods" are pretty annoying to play, and it's obvious that's what this is. However this feels like a good mod trapped inside an "okay" one. there are some clever ideas which i wish could have been expanded upon, but instead you opt for the meme approach and leave them as underdeveloped pieces of potential.

also ear rape and the "this level isn't finished yet oooooo spooky orange textures" trope are pretty obnoxious too


DoItAll says

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Trollish goodness with some intense combat hidden within, well worth the download


Wgairborne says

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