Stand-alone CoP A.I. and a-life (simulation) overhaul revamping and radically improving every aspect of NPC and mutant behaviour in-game. Changes include everything from complete smart terrain revamp (spawns, function, logical repopulation of all quest-related places), thru NPC and mutant daily behaviours to rank-specific combat skills and habits (diversified aiming skills and reaction times). All this done for all locations (so Pripyat also got completely overhauled) and perfectly integrated into the storyline and side-quests meaning that (despite such major changes) everything works fine and doesn't get broken. No other CoP mod ever has touched this subject in such a complete and complex manner - and all this is available to you in stand-alone, 'vanilla-oriented' package making the mod easy to add to your favourite compilation.

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This article covers most of the changes done to various locations in the Zone. In short: all smart terrains have been revamped in therms of their role (who wants to go there at which time) and spawns (what appears where and in what number). This also applies to all quest locations (no more cool but dead locations - every place is occupied) and to Pripyat as a whole (no more 'dead city' - a lot is going on in Pripyat now).

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- Generally Zaton is divided into areas: 'safe zone' and 'hostile zone' and 'Monolith hostile zone':

* 'safe zone' sn more or less the valley around Skadovsk up to the Noahs barge. In this zone varius loner teams will hang out by day and hostile factions will go only sometimes go there at nights.
* 'hostile zone' is everything beyond this valley - hostile factions are permitted there all the time and have bases there wild animals will also roam this area.
* 'Monolith hostile zone' appears after player clears out the Water Threatment Plant from Mercs - it them becomes center of Monolith activity in Zaton. At day this zone will be restricted to close vinicity of Plant. At night it expands to whole 'hostile zone'.

- specific locations:

* Iron Forrest is a Bandit and Merc base.
* Campfire near Sawmill is Duty and hunter base.
* Plateau where player starts the game is Freedom base (they run to Skadovsk in case of Blowout).
* Forrest Authority (hill above Skadovsk) is the main Bandit & Merc Base. It gest disabled from a-life for the time of 'Arms Deal' quest and re-enabled afterwards.
* Water Threatment becomes Monolith base after it gets cleared of Mercs.
* Dredger becomes Loner camp after picking up half-artifact.
* 'Lost Mercs' workshop (2nd toolkit in Zaton) becomes second Bandit & Merc base (you have to kill mercs not just take the toolkit).
* Noahs barge becomes Loner base in case he gets killed
* STs around BIS that start game as bloodsucker nests and after clearing out BIS bloodsucker nest will turn into normal wilderness - one of it becomes giant lair
* Second ship next to Skadovsk becomes Loner base (but will be subject to occasional Bandits / Merc raids at nights) after its orignal occupants die.
* BIS circle bulding becomes burer nest (they will only get out if it at late night for hunts).
* BIS undeground - should also spawn burers.


- Jupiter is divided into territories: 'Duty safe zone', 'Freedom safe zone', 'hostile zone' and 'Monolith hostile zone'. These territories act similary to Zaton ones.

* 'Duty safe zone'is the area north of Janov, including Cooling Complex.
* 'Freedom safe zone' is west from Janov with Cement Plant as main Freedom base.
* 'Hostile zone' is the entire south part of the map.
* 'Monolith hostile zone' is at day restricted to Jupiter Plant (main Monolith base) and its vinicity (will be patroled also at day). At night it expands to entire 'hostile zone'.

- specific locations:

* Cooling Complex is the Duty base.
* Controler tunnel becomes another Duty base after player clears out the quest there (kill's the controler)
* Cement Plant is the Freedom base.
* Jupiter Plant grounds are one large Monolith base.
* Indoors of Jupiter factory also get activated for Monolith after player finishes consequtive quests there (helicopter scan and road to Pripyat)
* Original Burer den below Jupiter (and area in front of it) becomes another Monolith outpost after player kills burers there (Monolith activity in region increases).
* Entrance to Oasis is remote Bandit base.
* 'Workshop Complex' (north of Oasis) becomes active Bandit & Mercs base after original Bandit gang dies off or player does the 'Vano Debt' quest.
* 'Warehouse area' (south-western part of map) becomes active Marcs base after player does the 'Hostage' quest.
* helicopter crash site behind the minefield becomes a-life active controler nest after player scans the site
* Tunnel south to the Oasis entrance is pseudogiant lair.
* SAM Base becomes burer, controller or psy-dog nest after player finishes quest there (finds documents).
* Indoors of Jupiter plant spawn burers after player searches heli there.
* Small train platform near Janov starts as regular territory, it should get disabled for 'Stolen gear' quest and retirn to normal after player's done with it.
* Neutral monolith become normal territory after they are gone.
* Top of Oasis becomes chimera den after player kills the first chimera there with hunters (or fail the quest).


- Entire Pripyat is considered as one big 'hostile zone'
- Five buildings in Pripyat start as 'faction bases' (one for: Bandit & Mercs, Duty, Freedom, Loners and two for Monolith - but these are 'alife inactive' at start and activate after quests there finish).
- Factions will return to those bases for rest.
- Beside those buildings everything is heavly popualted by various mutant species.
- As player unlocks futher buidings they are added to alife and will fought for between animals and humans (all Pripyat buildings are currently supported).
- Hospital in Pripyat is now inhabited by Chimera pack containing three mutants (they will hunt togheter at nights).
- After player finishes up the game and decides to 'stay in Zone' - Laundromat becomes neutral base and will be a-life active.



amazing work. nothing to add from my part everything fits perfect

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