This is my first mod, a small but ambitious one. This mod focuses on expanding Warband with bits of my personal taste while using Diplomacy as base, attempting to add more content, from gear to factions and possibly (if I'm able to do it) new mechanics. I'm not attempting to make a gigantic and complete overhaul like mods as Floris, Nova Aetas or Medieval Conquests, but still someting big enough that cannot be considered an addon. Right now the mod is bare-bones and I'm doing my baby-steps on modding this game, I beg pardon and patience to anyone wanting to give this mod a try.

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Outlaw: Forest Bandits (Combat)
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The forest bandits are amongst the most common bandits of western Calradia, being common in the east of Swadia in the woods between Suno and Uxkhal. Compared to the regular looters and bandits, they're way better equiped, as many are former retired soldiers who can't make enough for their families, deserters who are scaping from justice or just bandits who inhabit the area, the forest bandits aren't only swadian, but many actually are foreigners from the neighboring kingdoms of the north and east of Swadia (Luccundia and Magoria). They wear leather armor, being more effective than hide, but some are seen wearing regular clothes and hoods are their preferable head clothing. Their weaponry varies greatly from both ranged and hand-to-hand combat, bows and crossbows are common as ranged weapons, while they use polearms or one handed weapons like staffs, spears, hand-axes, short swords or falchions if things get too personal; like other bandits, they use wooden shields or fur-covered shields, however, because some come directly from the military, some can be spotted using pavises/tower shields. Their weaponry is mostly mid to low-mid tier of weapons, being more lethal and efficient than the looters and bandits.

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