Hardcore Fun Mod is a modification for Battlefield 2 v1.5. This mini-mod adding 'hardcore' style gameplay to the BF2, along with new unique features that rarely seen in other mods. Play now!

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BF2: HFM v1.5 will bring major updates since v1. You'll need Patch 1.5 and RECOMMENDED to have Special Forces Expansion Pack!

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Hello, comrades! Our mod is almost finished and waiting to test. To know what's new in our mod, please read below :)

We have major updates for weapons. First, weapons that'll used by Insurgent Forces, will include AK-47 and AK47 Grenadier. Insurgent Forces will have an RPK-74 and DAO-12 too, so Insurgent Forces can't be underestimated. Then, there are several new weapons mesh-hack that made by Simcardo. That are new M4, M16A4 (yes, M16 with rail version), and AK-74M.
Next, we will return hit marker due to real hardcore mode on some game still have hit marker. And explosives crosshair now removed. Lastly, we increased recoil to most weapons, especially for LMG.

Update Nov 15th 2012: - Reduced handheld rocket projectile damage, because too overpowered. SRAW/ERYX needs 3 shots to destroy MBT, RPG-7 needs 4.
- Added HK21, G3, & P90 for MEC, AK-47 GL, AK-47, & RPK-74 for Insurgent Forces, and M24 for USMC
Update Dec 3rd 2012: - Added AK74M/GP-30 w/ Kobra Sight & G3 w/ Sniper scope (or should we change it into G3/SG1?)
Update Dec 8th 2012: - New Kobra Sight crosshair.
Update Dec 13th 2012: - Increased RPG-7 ammo to 3.

We got major updates for vehicles too. We have new HUDs for tanks (credits to Simcardo), new helicopters like Littlebird and EC635, and of course we have Technical and civilian cars for Insurgent Forces.
I also reduced tank cannon damage. I think it's too overpowered, so i make it need 2 tank shot to destroy a tank. I also reduce damage for TOW/HJ8 :)

Update Nov 15th 2012: - Insurgent Forces stolen some Russian Army T-90. Insurgent T-90 will included in all Insurgent Forces maps.
- MEC vehicles use original vehicles textures.
Update Nov 18th 2012: - All Tanks damage returned to normal, due to realistic feelings (In real war, you need some tank shots to destroy tank)
Update Nov 23rd 2012: - Added BMP-3 and ATV for Insurgent
- Russian Army now use Havoc instead Hind, but Hind still used by MEC
Update Nov 28th 2012: - Added rear passenger to ATV
- Fixed AI for civilian cars passenger
Update Dec 3rd 2012: - New HUD for tank now available on Tunguska and BMP-3
Update Dec 7th 2012: - New textures for M1A2 (both desert & woodland)
Update Dec 8th 2012: - Increased vehicle re-spawn time.
Update Dec 13th 2012: - New frame for US heavy vehicles.


There are 4 new maps in v1.5: Operation Smoke Screen, Operation Clean Sweep, Road to Jalalabad, and Mashtuur City (with full singleplayer support, credit to xstax981). Then, Gulf of Oman and Op. Smoke Screen have little chopper on both side, only on singleplayer :D

Update: - 4 Maps have new lighting! Thanks to profkiller336 :D
Update Nov 17th 2012: - MEC will taking role of Russian Army in all middle east maps.
Update Nov 23rd 2012: - Strike at Karkand now showing fight of USA and Insurgent Forces.
Update Dec 3rd 2012: - Added Zatar Wetlands.

I forgot to put HUD on the progress, so here. As you know before, we have new HUD settings that remove health/sprint/ammo/abilities bar and we also remove the map. Don't worry, you can still open map by pressing 'M' or Map key binding.
And also vehicles HUD, that have been mentioned above.

New Stuff

Update Dec 3rd 2012:
- New HUD for tank now available on Tunguska and BMP-3

This section is made for minor updates. What is the minor updates? yeah, we've got new texture for USMC soldiers, new background, Insurgent Forces faction, etc.

Update Nov 15th 2012: - MEC Faction return.

NEW - Requirements

  • PC Specification meets minimum requirements for Battlefield 2
  • Battlefield 2 with full v1.5 patch (that include incomplete version of Special Forces, or that have 'xpack' folder in the mods folder)


  • PC Specification meets recommended requirements for Battlefield 2
  • Battlefield 2 with full v1.5 patch (that include incomplete version of Special Forces, or that have 'xpack' folder in the mods folder)
  • Battlefield 2 Special Forces Expansion Pack

More updates coming soon. Keep support us to be a better mod :)

Simcardo Creator

I love the Lighting

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