A Remastered edition of the original, 2009 “Movie Duels 2” mod for Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy, with updated maps, models, sounds and various other improvements, to bring the mod into the modern age.

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Although the variety of the model is not as many as KOTF, the custom animation is what makes this mod stands out against the other mod. I will watch this mod's career with great interest. ;)

Before launching into the review, please note that Tompa9 has not been spamming the Movie Battles 2 community into giving this mod 10/10 reviews. That is a fake spammer who is causing mayhem, and should not be trusted.

As for the mod itself, the mod is an incredible upgrade and enhancement of the original Movie Duels 2 mod, with new characters to play as, remade levels, fantastic changes, and all around major improvements that bring Movie Duels to a higher level than previously seen. I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys Jedi Academy, and I see it as the best singleplayer mod available for Jedi Academy. I hope that the team continues to improve upon it and add to it for a long time!

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The fake tompa9 spammer should not dishonor the real Tompa9 and this mod,This is tA mod that imrpove an already awesme mod that allows you to recreate the most iconic duels from the movies, while adding new characters and maps,There is a lot in this mod what a star wars fan will love

Jun 16 2019 by Javitolo98