Motherland Calls is another epic grand-campaign mod for Blitzkrieg made by GordonCZ. You will re-fight World War 2 in Europe as a Soviet commander now.

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The add-ons Motherland Calls: The Other Side and Buzuluk To Prague are now online too, completing the Motherland Calls grand-mod here on ModDB.

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As promised with the re-release of Motherland Calls mod here on ModDB, it's two add-ons have now been added to the site too.

Motherland Calls: The Other Side

"The Other Side" addon for Motherland Calls mod will offer you an opportunity to play some of the battles known already from Motherland Call, but this time from the perspective of the other side - the German military. This is further expanded by also offering you other completely new battles in this mission-pack too.

Because it is a mission-pack for Motherland Calls mod consisting of 9 independent missions, you can play them in any random or sequential order you want. It's totally up to you!

A defensive position near Sychevka is overrun Heavy weaponry and advanced tactics in action

Motherland Calls: The Other Side
. . .

Buzuluk To Prague

This add-on follows a journey of the Czechoslovaks from their first famous battle of Sokolovo until their return to the homeland.
The name of this addon was chosen by the name of the memoirs of the Czechoslovak General LudvĂ­k Svoboda (in Czech: Z Buzuluku do Prahy), who was one of the most important commanders of the Czechoslovak exile military forces fighting on the Eastern Front during World War 2.

Czechoslovaks defending Sokolovo Fierce battle of factory

A bunch of yet again highly challenging missions will let you relive and refight all those glorious and tough battles on the Eastern Front in which the Czechoslovak forces took part. You can look forward to such scenarios as defense of Sokolovo, liberation of Kiev, infamous bloodbath at Dukla Pass, or large Ostrava-Opava offensive operation.

Tank encounter near Belaya Tserkov Effective use of armored reserves in defense

The main types of military equipment used by the Czechoslovak units on the Eastern Front throughout the war will also be available at your disposal.
Due to being equipped completely by the Soviet weaponry, their equipment in this add-on as well consists mostly of Soviet units you already know - such as T-34 medium tank, Studebaker US6 truck, SU-85 SPG, 122mm M-30 howitzer or 45mm M-32 antitank gun. You will also meet T-34/76 and T-34/85 tanks with written signs on their turrets, as the Czechoslovak soldiers widely marked their tanks this way. Moreover, two new land units were added to the list as unit-conversions - M-72 motorcycle and 50mm PM-40 mortar.

The Ostrava-Opava operation begins Assault on Svinov with its railway station

Infantry units will also reflect the real-life facts. Not only they are equipped with the Soviet weapons (such as SVT-40 rifle, or PPSh-41 SMG), but they will be also dressed as they really were during the war. Therefore, the Czechoslovak soldiers will be dressed in the British uniforms during the battles in Ukraine and will change clothes to the standard Soviet uniforms after becoming the 1st Czechoslovak army corps.
Closer to the end of war, you will also meet the pilots of the 1st Czechoslovak mixed air division and especially their Lavochkin La-5FN fighters and Ilyushin IL-2m3 ground-attack planes.

The Czechoslovaks are coming home

Buzuluk To Prague
. . .

Don't forget that just as with every of my mods, also these add-ons are available in several additional languages thanks to various members of former BKPortal community, so if you seek out for a French, Spanish or Czech language packs for these add-ons, be sure to check out downloads section of Motherland Calls mod page.

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