"Morrowind Sounds and Graphics Overhaul" contains mods that will alter and enhance the visual graphics and the sounds of the game. The aim of this project is to make more people around the world appreciate this huge game by giving them a simple installation file which includes everything they will need to play Morrowind with gorgeous graphics and sounds. I’ve tried to keep Morrowind’s “feeling”; therefore, the mods/meshes/textures I chose are the ones that I chose are the ones that I think are most faithful to the original colours and environment. A benefit of this compilations is that players don’t need to go through the “download every single mod out there and try it” phase of customizing Morrowind. The pack is intended for people who would prefer not to hand-pick mods out of the thousands of mods available. Modding Morrowind can be overwhelming for some people, and they might want to start out with a compilation before they feel comfortable picking and choosing mods on their own.

miral says

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The landscapes and architecture included are decent. Starts to go downhill beyond that. The heads included aren't great, and are completely missing for beast races. The voice mods included are just... bad. Very heavily edited cheesy voices that break immersion rather than adding to it. The atmospheric sound mod included has a lot of really annoying sounds that don't fit the game at all, especially in the cities.

Several major bugs exist that haven't been fixed as the mod has pretty much been abandoned.

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Oct 2 2012 by ytres