1st Edition of Morrowind Dialogue for Dummies. Complete with examples and detailed explanations and descriptions.

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Gwen is a self-aware companion mod for the Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind that uses MWSE/ Lua scripting to assess her environment. She has opinions, advice, suggestions etc. and she's utterly obnoxious (to start with). You must interact with her to get her to know/ like you over time before she will accept you as a friend/ lover.

This is the alpha version and she will be updated with more dialogue at a later date (she currently holds 78,000 words of dialogue).


Unlike other companions, Gwen is aware of her surroundings. She will comment on what she sees when she wants to. She doesn't like certain things and places, and she will let you know about it if she feels like it.

She's stubborn, unruly, sarcastic, obnoxious and unfeeling... at first. The more you interact with her, or impress her, the better she will act towards you.

She won't carry your items for you like a slave, so get used to it. She is, however, compatible with other companions, and will even visually notice a few of them, Publius Claudius (by Gavrilo), and Paxon the rat (by Tizzo) to name two. This will be expanded upon in later versions.

She comes with her own choice of weapons, Poleaxe (new model), Longsword (new model) and longbow. If you want her to use the longbow you will have to supply her with arrows. Deciding what to use in combat is an option, but if she feels like you made a dumb request she will ignore you and make her own mind up.

Books; Gwen will read skill books of her choice if offered to her and appropriate skill will be raised.

Training; You can buy training for Gwen from a limited number of NPC's (Ajira being one of them) for a price. It uses game mechanics to establish the cost etc.

Making potions; Gwen can make health potions when you meet her but she will not offer to do this until she likes you a little more. She will also need to be supplied with a pestle and mortar and ingredients before she can make them.

She is capable of learning how to make Fatigue and Magicka potions as well, but that will require a little effort on your part.

She also has her own animation when making potions.

Every time Gwen makes a potion her alchemy, intelligence will be affected at the same rate as if the player was making them. i.e. she uses game mechanics to level her alchemy skill.

More potions may be offered in the future. We shall see.

Shrines; When close to certain shrines, she may take it upon herself to use them. You will be charged.

Gwen can learn to do several things including how to heal the player when injured. Once she has learnt this spell, and she likes you enough she will offer to heal you whenever you fall below a certain level IF she has enough magicka. This will only be offered once.

She can also learn how to cure common diseases if you complete the mask of Vivec quest during the Seven Graces.

Levelling up; Gwen is capable of levelling up with the player and will do so while you sleep.

Backstory; She does have a little backstory that she may or may not tell you, depending on her mood, location, and how nice you are to her.

Bathing; Gwen does like a bath and she will bathe in certain places around the map. She will mention when she is in the vicinity of a bathing point, and then it is up to you to follow her dialogue.

Sex; If you have impressed her enough to fall for you (it isn't that easy), she may wish to sleep with you. This can be achieved during bathing and again if she's in the mood while sleeping in a tavern.

Quests; She will interact with random quests if she likes you enough, making suggestions or giving advice. There are a few small quests included with her that help her decide if you are worth talking to or not.

Other; Yes, she can do other things as well but I think I've written enough already.

If you're interested in learning to model, my book on the subject can be found here; Kindle/ PC App - Amazon.com
(It is also available in paperback here; Paperback - Amazon.com

If you do pick up my book and find it useful, please leave a review!! Thanks.

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Morrowind Dialogue for Dummies

Morrowind Dialogue for Dummies

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1st Edition release of Morrowind Dialogue for Dummies. Complete with examples, detailed descriptions and interesting ways to make your dialogue in Morrowind...

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