Monster Hunt is a team based modification for Unreal Tournament comprising of two new game types, Monster Hunt and Monster Arena. In Monster Hunt, you and your team of hunters (humans or bots) must work your way through the level while killing everything that stands in your way. Monsters you'll face range from the tiny but deadly Pupae, to slimy Sliths that spew blobs of slime at you, to the huge stone-throwing Titans. Monster Hunt is the perfect blend of multiplayer and single single player, single player in the sense that the levels and style of Monster Hunt are very much like that of a single player game, but the team based gameplay gives it a great multiplayer feel. Players must work as a team to survive, players on their own will be overpowered by the monsters and sent back to the beginning of the level. Players shouldn't grab all the health and ammo as they come to it, it should be shared out amongst the players who need it most, or you could let one player grab lots of...

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Monster hunt is alive

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Yes you heard it monster hunt the old ut99 mod where you hunt monsters. Is still alive and cooking check out the community of over 1000 members over at...

New site


We are at and forums at Site is under construction currently forums are online i will soon post all the Monsterhunt download cause i know there sites...

server and site


a official server will be up in a few days and new site at if you need any info or have question talk to me on msn or email at

new mod site


has downloads skins maps info and even a forum for monster hunt fans remember to register at the the forum

Monster Hunt final update released


I have released the final patch for Monster Hunt. This fixes most bugs and problems with the previous release, and I think it's in a good enough state...

Monster Hunt final update

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I've found a few remaining bugs in the current version of Monster Hunt, and would like to address these issues in a final update, rather than leave MH...

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