Agent David has been assigned a special mission: Infiltrate Monke Island, which has been taken over by monkeys, and stop the monkeys from executing a plan that will decide the fate of the world.

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Original :) I love it :) and I want the Death Handler :)
Some parts were hilarious :)


mmm... monkey

This was great. Plenty of unique content, even the humour got to me to some degree this time, nice parodies of some rebirth stuff too! The platforming part and the outside areas especially were neat. The following boulder was ridiculous, lol me loser :D I wish this wasn't the last time i've seen a work like this and that it was a bit longer, and the caricatures of some things were kept a bit lower and without shaming. But this will most likely be the best content for rebirth for a while so i'm glad you made it, thank you for the experience!

Monke Island is the perfect embodiment of everything wrong with the modding community. It exists not only to mock the underwhelming and poorly made custom content that's been siphoned out over the last decade, but to also shame a company that indulged in the same problems and half-baked promises of the content it strived so hard to deviate from.

10/10 best nut in MONTHS


this tickles my monkey nuts

What the **** did I just play



The best Rebirth mod there will ever be

This is excellent piece of work.


Not bad for a beginner.

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Original :) I love it :) and I want the Death Handler :)
Some parts were hilarious :)

Mar 1 2021 by Sabatu