Mona Sax is a contract-killer, a job at which she excels. When a Mafia boss sends his army of mobsters after her, assaulting her hideout and forcing her to flee through the city streets, it gets personal and real nasty. From an abandoned asylum, through the suburban streets of the Big Apple, to the Mafia social club, unleash her destructive power and make them regret to have ever messed with Mona: The Assassin. Mona: The Assassin is an unofficial Max Payne 2 expansion featuring 5 original, action-packed levels. This project was founded in his spare time by one of the designers at Remedy Entertainment and taken to completion by a talented crew of modders over the years.

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RufflinJ says

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It feels like after Mona Sax's death on Max Payne 2 you could get to know her untold origin with this mod. This is an excellent mod, and there should be more mods as good as this

An exceptional mod. The map design was equal if not superior to the base game. The ending level was tacked on, though. Another thing that bothered me was in Alleyways part 3 (I think) where if you don't find the path, you are met with infinite waves of enemies. That was the only time I ran out of ammo in ALL weapons in Max Payne 2.


I Love This Mod!...
I Wish I Could Play The Max Payne 3.. :((((


Nicklz says

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NICE, this good job!!!

This mod I consider to be probably one of the best made for Max Payne 2, but at its core it feels a little hollow. This is mainly due to the lack of voice acting, the dialogue gets recycled from MP2. Actually everything is recycled, like weapons, sounds, enemies, music ect. But at its heart its got the things I love, excellent level design, interesting environments I've never seen before (firefight in a car park) and a dry canal.
Funny thing is, the part you play as Mona in Max Payne was my least favorite part of the game. I realize now it wasn't due to Mona, but because the environment you played in was overused by that point. I had enough of the construction site warehouse theme.
This mod makes us love Mona.
My only problem is towards the last mission was way to short, it was only 2 smalls rooms and 2 big rooms, where you get spammed with guys jumping through windows (which you can't go through) in other words exactly like Dead Man Walking, if I wanted to play Dead Man Walking then I would... lame move there to artificially lengthen the mod... should have been made into a real mansion.

The Best Mappack I have very played on Max Payne 2.

Everything is exploding, hundreds of people are slaughtered and the forensics wing of the NYPD probably went insane from the amount of spent brass that littered half of Brooklyn.

Mona is Badass, and just got 20% cooler thanks to this Mod. :D


Excellent mod. From the great intro to the final fight, "Mona" is of high-quality throughout.


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