Zero hour with better graphics , Naval warfare and more realistic model and weapons , ONE man madeing the MOD ,Have BETA 0.6 download now

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Reborn:X says

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It is a good mod but needs more diversity and more accurate units i.e. Chinese ATGM operators with MANPADS and fixing those graphical errors with vehicle treads. The Chinese nuevo disco pop music is also kind of a not to my liking for a war-themed mod but that's my opinion. The improved vehicle models kind of contrast between the LQ ground textures. I haven't been able to change resolution because the resochng program doesn't start up giving on error message in Chinese. The translation is kind of a joke, all text is almost exclusively from original ZH and new units have "NONAME" issues but that's not a big problem. I haven't tested the new AI unfortunately though I believe it's alright in terms of combat prowess.

The maps are decent copies of vanilla ZH style maps with the exception of the revolutionary Diaoyutai or Senkaku Islands map. GLA side is heavily unfinished with many vanilla placeholders used. I feel like It lacks a general direction, the Chinese side is heavily developed so the others are lacking. US Rangers are using circa 03' desert camouflage seemingly also armed with NORINCO civilian rifles. Honestly, download it if you want a redeveloped Zero Hour experience solely based on Chinese PLA side.


userz says

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A very detailed mod! but i think some issues needed to fix for example the infantry get destroyed in ONE SHOT from the tank. i understand you try to go all realistic but this really neglected the point of even having infantry since you can start building tanks REALLY early on. You have a very nice model for infantry but it would gone to waste if all we do is build MASSIVE tank army. Maybe you can like tone down a bit on the damage tanks deal to infantry. Also on the voices for the Chinese units are really off you probably taken those from movies and TV shows, i don't think helicopter need to sound the charge with a HORN! when they flying around attacking XD, and most of the voice over lap each other they use same units responding voice, like infantry tanks helicopter all have same voice responding. imo you should just stick with the vanilla game voice if you can't find good unit respond voice.
BTW ui kinda difficult to use FIX PLZ!


Just not worth the waiting. Over-hyped.

the mod has very nice , real graphics , this mod protect the original files to prevent stolen all real moders never locked the files
the mod has encrypted , no has good idea .


It seems "Copyright Infringement" doesn't translate very well into Mandarin.

-This game's translations are hilariously bad, even to a point as to cause uncontrollable laughter.

-This mod is built on other modders work, and gives no credit to anyone.
-The whole thing is wrapped up in a useless, unfinished package with so many bugs, it is almost unplayable.(Quite frankly a bunch of apes could build something better than this.)
-Illegal full version of C&C Zero Hour
-No style, No design.

Maybe I am being too harsh... No... No I'm not, it is rubbish.


Yuosaka says

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Too much bugs. Ugly models and skins. Overall quality is just below zero. Not even packed in .BIG.


Great Mod great game great work i mean i just wanna say thanks to QSN and all the modding team to make this mod although few lags/bugs are encountered while playing the game some of the times but they are not such big problems although the mod can still use a little more realistic features and not only china to be given all the good stuff.
Still mod is great its got the potential to greater.


best *-*


Melooo says

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Very impressive work, makes this game alive again!

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