This game is not related to the story of the Half-Life 2. Something goes mad because the human race failed in the experiment, and it connects with another world. The resident in the another world is crazy due to the mistake. We should restore the situation. As for this game, almost all are made only from the basic function of HL2. Having fiddled with the code for the chapter unlock is the only exception. You will learn the degree of freedom of the expression of HL2 is very high. K.S.(Koumei satou)

jessicadahne6910 says

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Awesome mod, even in 2013!! Reminds me of my days back then before Valve killed all these HL2-Mods with patches. Didn't work with steam, so if you want to play this you have to do it without it ;)

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This is indeed a mod worth playing. Hell, this is one of the first mods I downloaded, which were selected with much care and after many positive reviews. There were parts that bugged out like crazy for me *spoiler* like the time when Alyx and friends didn't accompany me when I fought the flying tube. But the art design and mapping is indeed superior to many mods, and these days you just don't find many Half-life 2 mods where the Combine AND the Rebels are your allies. The custom bosses are an immense…

Aug 24 2009 by ghostings