Missing Information aims to recreate Valve's original Half-Life 2 storyline found in Raising the Bar.

old_liquid says

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Great mod, watched it polished from rough hl2beta scetch maps to full-fledged maps ready to deploy. Love atmosphere of good old days... I think I was right about the Half-Life universe: mystery and reticence adds almost half of HL spirit. Something happened, and you see only result, digging for root on your own. Means, doing some RESEARCH. And it's good. VALVe removed much darkness and mystic from universe, and it cries to bring it back. MI is something worth to play.

PS. From someday on the bottom of my mind I thinking that HL is WEIRD game, and this makes it attractive. HL2 vanilla is much less weird, sad but true.

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This modification not only follows the original valve art style but is also keeping users up-to-date again. With moronic individuals posting 5's out of 10 because of their lack of interest or understanding of a project of this scale, this leaves fans with pretty much all the knowledge of the Half-Life universe to rate a 10/10 and give information to support. Half-Life 2 was to have a 50+ hour campaign and have over 20 weapons. Fun fact: The Borealis in fact was owned by a scientific research team…

Jan 28 2011 by av3nger