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17 Sep 2015. Missing Information is submitted for Steam Greenlight. The Greenlight fee of €90 were paid by a few loyal fans of the mod.

October 1st 2015. Missing Information gets greenlit for a Steam release. Our work begins on preparing Missing Information for a release on Steam.

January 13th 2019. Almost four years have passed and we are (finally) close to our initial milestone. Missing Information’s Steam store page is live on the Steam Storefront. At the time of writing however, it is not clear when the exact release will be, but our aim is before April 1st, 2019.


New Features Planned

Missing Information will be updated sometime after the initial Steam release with support for the Steam Workshop which means users will be able to submit their own add-ons to the Steam Workshop and play it instantly in Missing Information. We are aiming for features that will make it possible for users to add their own mini-chapters to the game. Our current schedule for this feature is unknown at this time and relies on how other things work out.

Contents of Steam Release

Many of you are probably wondering what the Steam release will contain. The initial release will be 1.6 fixed up with all known bugs being fixed (if we have overlooked something feel free to report it below) and switched to the Source 2013 branch. No new content is planned for the Steam release at this time but it in our plan to release something shortly after the first release.

There is no doubt that this brings up the question, "What have you been doing for the last 7 years?" The honest answer is close to nothing. The main core of this team was in their mid/late teens when this project was started in 2005. That brings some of us over 30 years old at this point and other things in life take priority. Many will be upset and disappointed that there won't be anything new to play but we would like to remind you we are doing this in our free time for our own sake. Missing Information was not created out of love for the community but for our own admiration and interest in the old content.

Missing Information coming to Steam

Missing Information coming to Steam

News 31 comments

The wait is (almost) finally over! Missing Information is coming to Steam

Sound system update

Sound system update

News 10 comments

A few short videos showing off new features we have added to Missing Information. This is exclusive to our Steam release.

Missing Information Greenlit on Steam!

Missing Information Greenlit on Steam!

News 27 comments

Update on our recent approval through the Greenlight program and what's to come from Missing Information in the future.

Missing Information 1.6 is released!

Missing Information 1.6 is released!

News 43 comments

At long last our mod is finished and available for download. Thank you to all of our fans for their patience!

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Missing Information 1.6 Full

Missing Information 1.6 Full

Demo 126 comments

It is finally here! The long awaited 1.6 patch for Missing Information!

Missing Information patch 1.5.1

Missing Information patch 1.5.1

Patch 42 comments

First patch for our 1.5 release. This patch addresses several issues observed by our fans. Changelog can be found in description.

Missing Information 1.5

Missing Information 1.5

Demo 102 comments

1.5 version of Missing Information. This is the first release since our revival. This is an updated version 1.4, running on the Orange Box engine.

Missing Information

Missing Information

Full Version 1 comment

Missing Information modification.

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Encountering mouse problems where it isn't even functioning, great mod.

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scart- Creator

Sounds like a problem on your end. Check if the mouse is enabled in the game settings.

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I think that's the problem of your mouse, not the mods

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Is there at least any new news? Your Twitter is silent, Moddb and Steam too and it's been over 4 months after the planned Steam release I don't want to sound ungrateful but it's just I don't like how you have gone Airplane mode on us you don't even have Discord to be always in contact, why can't you just release the steampipe fix on Moddb before you figured out things with Steam

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"Missing Information" is a mod which consists of 5 unfinished maps which are essentially 'demos.' Four of the demos are VERY, VERY short rife with all kinds of graphical errors as though they were in their first stages of creation and were very, very far from being completed. The first of the 5 maps ('Hyberborea') alone, however makes this otherwise disappointing mod worth the download.

'Hyperborea' takes place on a ship and looks and plays like either a 'sequel' to the HL2 mod called "Dark Interval part 1"......or else a 'redux/remix' of this mod. Ultimately, however, although this is a very good and memorable doesn't last long and it is also apparently unfinished.

Given that this is basically an 'E3 demonstration mod' and nothing else, I'm not sure why this mod gets such high ratings. I rate "Missing Information" a 6/10.

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Gosh darn that time-travelling scart, remixing Dark Interval six years before it released.

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Before rating do some research
First, why does this game has graphical errors? Well ask Valve about that when they made Steampipe update and by that breaking, many mods not only Missing Information this is why it looks broken
Second, Dark Interval has a different setting about Borealis I mean Borealis wasn't even in Chapter 1 of Dark Interval it was only in Part 1 of Dark Interval both mods are trying to recreate Beta storyline on which means both mods can have Odell and Borealis chapters.

For example install retail Half-Life source and the steam version and see the difference


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You guys do realise it's never coming out? It was never going to come out. This whole mod has been fake ever since the last release. They have made almost no progress.

Scart is nothing but a fraud. He keeps this ModDB page up, gets peoples hopes up with "news updates" and other ****, then goes on the attack several years later when disappointed people start showing up asking whats happened to the mod, or saying that the mod is dead. I've got news for everyone. The mod IS dead. It was NEVER going to come out on Steam.

This whole ModDB page is a sad joke. It's a place where Scart can treat his fans like ****. It's time this page was removed for good, but Scart doesn't want that. He needs this place as his own little slice where he can be God, ******** on people to make himself feel better.

If you guys want an actual GOOD mod based on HL2 Beta, there are many others out there that's way better than Missing Information. They are actively being worked on and updated, and most of all, the creators don't treat the fans like **** with posting sarcastic, passive aggressive replies. Check out Dark Interval.

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I am just simply going to ask, why do you care if this mod is fake or not they paid money for Greenlight which is expensive why would they fake this all if there is no profit from this joke but I genuinely wonder after 6 years the only they did is a steampipe fix I understand this is still hard thing to do but after 6 years only steampipe fix and they also said that they will add new content after MI is going to release on steam which is suspicious but again for what reason faking this all out if there is no profit the game is free to play so they won't get any money from that

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So what happened to the steam version? Are the game files still being checked through?

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You are about to be attacked by Scart and his followers now, because you dared to innocently ask for an update. Prepare yourself.

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Not because 'you asked for an update'. You said the mod is fake and is made by a fraud. Well, here's some input for you to consider: it can't be fake because it already came out. It got broken in the Steampipe update just like many, many other mods. Most mods you search for on ModDB, will often have Steampipe patch submitted by fans (one of them is malortie who uploaded almost a 100 patches). Unfortunately MI isn't one of these mods that got a patch.

Now, you may say well the already released version doesn't matter because you're talking about the Steam version. But it was never advertised as anything you can call 'fake'. The devs have made it clear that the Steam release wasn't going to be a sequel or the next version; that they want to put it out on Steam mostly as is, with some needed patches.

What would they be faking and for what? Can't sell it. For views? I don't see it trending or shills anywhere.

Is the Steam release dead and NEVER coming out? If so, I put the blame on Valve for either being too lazy or having some unspoken code and not telling their verdict even to the devs themselves. And it's not like this is any sort of surprise, what wreck of a company they are.

Even when you say scart- is here treating fans like ****, this is blatantl false if you look at his comments history. It's either still providing technical support or thanking people for their support.

The devs are past their 30s and have better, more vital things to be taking care of. Passions subside especially when a company that holds absolute final control over your creation, will continue to ignore you and just be terrible.

Lastly you suggest people go play "actual beta mods" like Dark Interval. Well, I'm making Dark Interval, and Missing Info is one of my favourite mods.

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This modification not only follows the original valve art style but is also keeping users up-to-date again. With moronic individuals posting 5's out of 10 because of their lack of interest or understanding of a project of this scale, this leaves fans with pretty much all the knowledge of the Half-Life universe to rate a 10/10 and give information to support. Half-Life 2 was to have a 50+ hour campaign and have over 20 weapons. Fun fact: The Borealis in fact was owned by a scientific research team…

Jan 28 2011 by av3nger


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Jan 18 2019

Little more information on our @steam_games release

Jan 14 2019

RT @LambdaGen: Missing Information now has a Steam Store page

Jan 13 2019

Missing Information IS coming to @steam_games . There is no doubt about that at this point!

Dec 17 2018

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