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Specific Weapon Upgrade Kit(or SWUK) (Games : S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat : Mods : The Armed Zone : Forum : Suggestions : Specific Weapon Upgrade Kit(or SWUK)) Post Reply
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Aug 17 2019 Anchor

The idea is kinda game breaking but hear me out, lets say you got an M16A2 with no attachment except suppressor and you want a sniper variant(High-Profile) what if you can get a Sniper Kit that only affect listed weapons that are like the M16A2 and basically upgrades them permanently and makes them unable to be upgraded later, Example of Description: "This is a Sniper Kit that can only be used on: M16(any model), HK416 and AR-15. This kit will make the Firearm Semi-auto and due to the heavy precision barrel upgrade you can hit further targets do more follow up shot at the cost of weight. A specific 3-9x40 Scope is issued with this kit for long range engagement but it can be replaced(if there is a carry handle there is a picatinny rail that can placed on the handle)"

this is merely idea not a suggestion

Aug 17 2019 Anchor

Well this is a nice idea, buying upgrade kits that makes your weapon special, I actually thought about this and wanted it to be possible, but it requires a genius with great coding skills, and that I'm not. I even thought about camouflaging kits, you buy spay cans, some camo pattern sheets or set, like map making kits, than mix things up and apply to your favorite gun. Maybe some other time when we find such person, or just me with more time and patience to make things real :)

We actually do have a special high profile M16, it's the XM16E1, and it comes with two variants, and it already comes with the 3x20 Scope.

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