This mod intends to add various weapons from all around the globe to Misery mod, weapons of every stalker's dream. Suggestions, Feedbacks and points of view are very welcomed ! Have fun with these new toys !

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Some weapon suggestions (Russian/block guns) (Games : S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat : Mods : The Armed Zone : Forum : Suggestions : Some weapon suggestions (Russian/block guns)) Locked
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Sep 1 2014 Anchor

Hey! Lovely mod and it's just what I needed (although I sincerely hope Les Miserables author will make his submod compatible to yours).

I got some suggestions for a more Russian/block based weaponry, especially the handguns. I suppose it's logical that the zone is filled with criminals who come here with nothing more than their handgun, aquired from their previous life.

Some weapons I would suggest:

PP-Bizon - this one is an easy choice as its a russian army classic. Misery 1.1 had it, i'm positive it did. But it's gone in this version of misery and I asked why but received no answer. Perhaps you could port it from Misery 1.0/1.1?

Nagant M1895 - classic russian revolver which was used up to when TT-33 was developed.

MP-443 Grach - The standard sidearm for the russian military and police alike from 2003 to this day. This should be another gun that should be widespread within the zone.

Vityaz-SN - The standard SMG for the russian military/police which is used presently.

SV-98 - The standard russian sniper rifle used in present times.

CZ 75 - Not really a Russian weapon, but a Czech republic gun. It just looks really good and fit for the zone.
CZ 50 - same as above. An older variant, but looks just as good.

Well, that's my two cents. For that Russian feel in the zone. GL in the future versions!
I suppose if you are willing you could find at least the CZ 50/75, PP-Bizon in most of the shadow of chernobyl mods. If that would make it any easier to port/mod.

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Sep 10 2014 Anchor

Hi man !
So sorry for the ignorance of this post, I forgot to pick the "watch thread" :S
This is an outdated answer but here it is anyways :

Because I delayed the answer, I'll make a special effort to fulfill your request,

PP-Bizon - Will be ported as soon as possible, I think I can port it from Arsenal Overhaul, there are two types, one with iron sights, the other with cobra, I'll try to port them both.

M1895 - Never seen that thing anywhere in stalker, so no promises to port one, but I'll port other old revolvers, I still have some good old revolvers here.

MP-443 Grach - It will be ported from either OWR 2.1 or Arsenal Overhaul, depending on the acual files I have.

Vityaz-SN - Not sure if I saw it in COP, so no promises again.

SV-98 - I guess no need to say a thing about that :D

CZ 75 - I believe I can get it from OWR.

CZ 50 - I have CZ 52, will it work ?

Again, sorry for the delay.

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Oct 6 2014 Anchor

"M1895 - Never seen that thing anywhere in stalker, so no promises to port one, but I'll port other old revolvers, I still have some good old revolvers here."
I found one in the gunslinger mod

Oct 6 2014 Anchor

So far Gunslinger is the best mod with animations,but is not out yet, so there is no way to think about porting anything from there.

Oct 12 2014 Anchor

Can you port guns from other games? If so I can tell you where to get the exact same M1895 in the mod.

Oct 31 2014 Anchor

Ugh now I only saw this now :D

Hey!!! Thanks for that. CZ52 would be perfect !

If you still intend to add these(the ones you can) to the 1.7 version update (hopefully) that would make my Stalker experience complete!

Many thanks and Cheers

Nov 1 2014 Anchor

You're welcome man. I'm still a little far away from adding these weapons, I have things to deal with here and there, but your CZ pistols will be up and ready :D

Jan 21 2015 Anchor

About the M1895 Nagant revolver:
The animation looks so handsome, I'd like to take it to a Motel :D
But in case of gamplay, it might be the worst gun at all, considering the DPM xD

Jan 21 2015 Anchor

That revolver could work only for rookie mod to be honest xD no NPC will give you enough time to reload, even a dying flesh will tear you apart before you finish reloading :P

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