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Jun 29 2019 Anchor

Hey devs,

I have noticed that the pump shotguns can be fired before the pump animation is finished, is there a way to slow the fire rate so that the gun is at least pointing at the target when you can fire?

Example of what I am talking about:

Jul 2 2019 Anchor

All shotguns have roughly the same pumping speed, as is IRL. The issue is with anims. Changing the rate of fire would mean unnecessary nerf to the weapon.

But yes, it is possible - if you want you can make a "fix" yourself very easily.

1. Go to gamedata -> configs -> weapons
2. Find your weapon - it's either in config file of it's name, or one of other shotguns' configs (most likely in w_remington.ltx [the shotgun you showed in vid is definitely there] or w_mossberg.ltx or w_wincheaster1300.ltx)
3. Find your weapon's section in the file, for example wpn_magnum870_chrome
4. Find line which says "rpm". The number there is for rate of fire (in rounds per minute).
4a. If the line isn't there - copy it from the top (find it with ctrl+f) and paste it in the weapons section (very important! it MUST be in section of weapon you want to edit)
5. Change the number to lower, for example from 105 to 90 or 80 or whatever
6. Test in game, adjust the number if needed

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