This mod intends to add various weapons from all around the globe to Misery mod, weapons of every stalker's dream. Suggestions, Feedbacks and points of view are very welcomed ! Have fun with these new toys !

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Jun 26 2019 Anchor

List of weapon suggested by friends and fellows, just bunched up :P

Also please post something correcting me if i posted something useless or already ingame, i just took alot of random suggestion from buddies, and i dont know which is which, i feel like i saw some weapons ingame. (My only wish suggestion is the .950 JDJ that was my pick lol)

(Sniper Rifle)

Anzio 20MM

.950 JDJ

Denel NTW-14.5

Barrett M82A1 (M107)

McMillan Tac-50

Mk 14 Enhanced Battle Rifle

Umarex Hammer .50 Cal

Mossberg Patriot Predator in .450

Howa Oryx Chassis

Desert Tech SRS-A2

RISE Armament 1121XR

CMMG Mk4 DTR2 in 223 Valkyrie


AEK-999 Barsuk

Bren light machine gun

Daewoo K3

Degtyaryov machine gun

Dror light machine gun

FM 24/29 light machine gun

Heckler & Koch MG4


Kk 62

Kg m/40 light machine gun

Kord machine gun

M240 machine gun

M249 light machine gun

M60 machine gun

M1941 Johnson machine gun

M1918 Browning Automatic Rifle


S&T Motiv K12

SIG MG 710-3

Stoner 63/63A Light Machine Gun

Sumitomo Type 62


(Assault Rifle)

Vektor CR-21

XM8 rifle

Wieger StG-940


Heckler & Koch G11

FX-05 Xiuhcoatl

Grossfuss Sturmgewehr


CEAM Modèle 1950

Howa Type 64

EF-88 Austeyr


Beretta PMX SMG


Escort DF12 Shotgun

Howa Type 89


Steyr A2

Del-Ton Lima M-LOK Pistol

CMMG Banshee 300

CZ P-10 SC

Wilson Combat Beretta 92G

Smith & Wesson M&P380 Shield EZ

Caracal CAR816 A2

Bersa BP9CC

Taurus TX22

Springfield Armory XD-E 3.8

FN 509 Midsize

Avidity Arms PD10

Mossberg MC1sc 9mm

Walther PPQ M2 Q5 Match Steel Frame

Glock 48

Glock 43X

Stoeger STR-9

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Jun 26 2019 Anchor

Holy crap, already asking for more guns? I wouldn't dare adding any new guns xD I played TAZ for some time now, and I still haven't seen several guns. Besides, TAZ 2.0 is still beta, can't add anything new, not now at least. Some of these guns are already in the mod, I'll let you find out which are they.

Jun 26 2019 Anchor

asking for new guns is a thing, but having good models with good textures is another one... just sayin

Jun 26 2019 Anchor

I only wanted one gun xD, its just me and my buddies were all talking what they wanted to use in the game, and in kinda spilled out alot, sorry if its asking you guys for too much xP, i just wanted to list it as a optional thing, you guys dont have to strain yourselves to make all of or some of them.

(I been a 3D model crew before, i know the pain of making models.... such a long process.)

Jul 26 2019 Anchor

You forgot a couple:

M41A Pulse Rifle

M56 Smartgun

M42 Fat Man

Steyr IWS-2000

and, rather obviously,

Metal Storm

But seriously, this is a really, really silly list. Grossfuss StG makes absolutely no sense, same with Anzio and Fat Mac, Wilsons 92, Walther PPQ, Austeyr and the list goes on. Even adding Drotik or PSM would've made more sense than these. I like some of the LMGs though.

IMO, if they should add anything, it's definitely hunting pistols like Thompson Center Contender, Remington XP-100 or that other Remington in .308 or expand upon on 7.62 weapons, Norinco QX4, OTs-39 and 27 or Zastava M56. Then again, they're completely unnecessary. The only gun I truly feel is missing is CZ-75 Auto.

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Jul 26 2019 Anchor

I think you guys are missing the goal of TAZ, we're aiming at realism, not madness. This is TAZ, not Stalkersoup :)

Jul 26 2019 Anchor

Why not PPQ? It's not really in "pulse rifle" category ;) I even planned to buy one as they're available in here and they're pretty cool, but it's just overpriced as hell (4000zł, while SFP9 and P30 cost 2900-3200zł)

Jul 26 2019 Anchor

mp5lng We need that Metal Storm NAO.

niick I'd say there's enough nines in already, there's three Walthers that I've seen so far, standard P99, QA and one more I can't remember (not worn : D). I fail to see the point of adding another one, overall it's an improved P99, it's as if you'd all of the sudden started adding every Glock generation. If it were a replacement to one of the P99 already present, like the QA or whatever, then sure, at least it looks different.

If it was up to me and I really wanted to add another 9 (apart from the aforementioned auto CZ) and had the means for it, I'd go with something more exotic, like Browning High Power Competition, G17L/G34 or even Calico M-900 that recently came up in the comments.

Most of the weapons he listed aren't in Sci-Fi category, but a lot of them are redundant and picked just because they're from the outer depths of the gun industry. For example, I really like M9-A1, which he basically suggested, but there's no logic as to why it should be added since there's already an almost identical weapon present. Quite a couple in fact.

We can all go on a wishing spree and start suggesting every manufacturer, off the top of my head Caracal, Rock River Arms, Falkor Defense, Vickers Tactical, Daniel Defence, Bofors , La Rue, TTI and the whole Ed Brown collection. I hope you can see my point.

Personally, I prefer having less guns where all are top notch rather than having twice as many with most halfassed and pointless. Like the current Glock 18C model ;) And there's a whole new layer in the upgrade system. And to top it off, there's 700 or so models already in, so it's not like anyone's starving for gunz.

BTW, since there's two Glock 18s, how about having one 18C gen 3 and one compensated gen 2? (If there's a model for it of course) The current 18 alt is incorrect, they're offered only in black, no two tones or other finishes. As for the model for the Gen3, I remember GRAW 2 having great 18C model that was very similar to the 17s you have in. Or maybe this one or the one from MOH Warfighter, that was a great one as well. Hopefully this'll be of some use.

As a sideline, złotych powiadasz :D Zupełnie niejorgnięty byłem że z Polski jesteś, w sumie nic dziwnego w przypadku tej gry, ale i tak, zawsze fajnie zobaczyć rodaka przy solidnych modzixach.

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Jul 27 2019 Anchor

Well as of in-game performance a lot of weapons are almost clones or at least very similar to each other, but if they offer different aesthetics then I think it's fine. For example P99 and Glock perform almost the same, the only difference being the durability, same with various shotguns, M16A2 and A4 are literally almost clones in game, as the hard-stats that can be portrayed in-game are the same, but as they're quite different IRL they're both added.
Of course the priority to be added are weapons that actually do add something to game, but when they're done then adding more variety in aesthetics is fine for me. For example about AR-15s obviously the variants that differ in hard stats from each other come first (for example we still lack some light-barrel carbine like XM-177 and something with 16-inch barrel), but when something offers a good difference in aesthetics then it's welcome too. Of course we're not gonna cover every model where the only difference is manufacturer's logo, but for example when there's classic M4A1 and more modern variant with keymod, magpul sights and stock then it looks different enough to justify having it in game.
Example, I personally hate optical sights mounted on carry handles on AR15s. This is what engine forces, can't work around it without making changes to engine (like Shoker does). Mounting optics on carry handles when you've got RIS rail underneath is just so pointless and stupid that I literally can't look at it without cringing (unless obviously you can't remove carry handle, like in old CAR-15 or M16, then it's understandable). So I always take the other AR-15 variant, which is exactly the same as M4A1 stat-wise, but it doesn't have a carry handle and I can mount ACOG on it like it should be. There's literally zero difference in how they work in game, but that small thing is such a trigger for me that I just can't contain it

Jul 27 2019 Anchor

We have G18c, not G18, and the reason I kicked the G18 is due to model quality. The plan for the coming TAZ updates is better quality for all guns, even if that means kicking out some, it's all for the sake of quality and quantity. At this point forward, old games like GRAW and MoH provide some rather outdated quality guns, so I'll avoid them for the time being. I've played these games and inspected their guns closely, hell I even got them extracted for an even closer look, and they don't really look that good for xray, a few may turn out good but the majority sucks.

Jul 27 2019 Anchor

what kind still weapons , need to add at mod ! .

Assault rifle



Beretta ARX160

Heckler & Koch G41


Machine gun

Heckler & Koch HK21



Heckler & Koch FABARM FP6


Pancor Jackhammer

Heckler & Koch HK CAWS


Beretta M12

Vigneron submachine gun

Carl Gustav m/45

Steyr MPi 69

Jul 28 2019 Anchor

Well hello.
I got a question, are you gonna do this mod for Anomaly?

Because in this mod is one of my favorite weapon CZ 805 and i wanted that in Anomaly because i cant add this weapon to my game.

Thank you for this great mod.

Jul 28 2019 Anchor

Well, this is a task for whoever is planning on porting TAZ to Anomaly, I personally am not going to do the port, working on Misery is tiring enough, and I'm still working on the mod.

Aug 17 2019 Anchor

Well, it looks like this thread's hasn't had any new entries in a few weeks, so perhaps its time I threw out some suggestions.

Since this mod covers so many weapons already, I'll try to keep my suggestions few. My picks largely take the mod into consideration. This mainly consists of how well it would fit in the Zone's arsenal, ammunition used, usefulness compared to other options, and how likely it would be to appear in Eastern Europe, or if Nimble could even procure it. Most importantly though, they hinge on the likelihood that I think that a model might exist somewhere to acquire & use, since that's the most important part. Perhaps their appearance in other notable games might improve the odds of this.

Ultimax 100 MK3 (appeared in Far Cry 3 & 4, Watch Dogs, Splinter Cell: Blacklist, Tomb Raider)

An LMG from Asia that would fit in with the Zone's black market and add a new option for 5.56 LMGs. Even though it was developed and produced in Singapore, it was designed by an American in the early 1980s and heavily based on the Thompson SMG - the end result looks like a Tommy fused into an M249, and is the closest thing to a modern Thompson. There's a myriad of differences: it fires modern 5.56 ammo from either 30 round STANAG mags, or 100-round drums (newer versions also fit Beta C-Mags), and utilizes a spring system that absorbs much of the recoil. Coincidentally, it's also almost just as heavy as a Thompson at 4.9kg. A notable difference is the gun's priority focus - whereas most machine guns are built for heavy suppressive fire, Ultimax was built with stability & accuracy under continuous fire in mind. As a result, it shoots rather slow for an LMG, only about 600 RPM most of the time, although it can be as low as 400 RPM for maximum control. The tradeoff is sacrificing short range effectiveness for medium-long range automatic shooting. The result is not without merit - it's said that Ultimax is as much as 20% more accurate than other modern LMGs. Whether that's worth being slower to get the lead out than the others as well is up to you. It's been sold to as many as 25 countries, which would increase its odds of eventual black market availability of older MK3 models. It's worth noting that they're up to Ultimax 100 MK8 now, which looks considerably different.

Milkor M32 MGL (M32A1 appeared in Killing Floor 2, The Division 2)

The famed Western counterpart to the RG-6 (which was inspired by said weapon) has seen its popularity rise since being accepted by the USMC as the modernized M32A1. Unlike the RG-6, the M203 rounds are loaded into the rear of the drum cylinders, and the spent shell casings must be ejected upon reloading much like any other revolver, but from there their function is largely the same. One advantage the MGL has is the option for a sight on the top. That said, the original M32s are another holdover from the early 80s. As it was developed in South Africa during this time period, it somewhat resembles the Armsel Striker if it had a bigger brother, and bears similarity in multiple areas.

Now while I feel like this would be an ideal fit for the Zone, it ironically wouldn't see much action in TAZ. This is because despite what Vanilla Stalker would have had us believe, relatively few NATO weapons now can take a Grenade Launcher, and thus almost no NPCs will carry M203s to feed them. An exception are early Mercs such as initially spawned ones at the Waste Processing Plant & Workshop in Zaton, and the Yar Escort & Black's Team in Yanov, as several may use the HK416A5, of which several versions can use M203s. The gun appears far less with Merc respawns & later encounters. By comparison, AK users with GP-25s are quite common, enough so that it's actually worth it to carry an RG-6 around at times as you'll pick up a VOG or two here and there. It's a great way to make quick work of the toughest mutants, but NPCs in heavy armor can withstand even direct hits, limiting its use.

Chiappa Rhino (appeared in Warface, Shadow Warrior, PlayerUnknown: Battlegrounds, The Division 1 & 2, coming soon to Killing Floor 2)

An unconventional take on the traditional revolver, this innovative piece was designed by a team which included the man behind the Mateba Auto-revolver. Like said former creation, the Rhino & Diceros line lowers its barrel chamber to fire from the bottom of the cylinder, creating a low bore axis & improving recoil management. Available in 3 different calibers, of which we already have two - .357 Magnum & .40 S&W. I imagine a good quality model wouldn't be hard to find, and could easily be poised to become the best .357 shooter the Zone would see as a premium sidearm.

FG42 (appears in multiple WWII FPS games, most recently Sniper Elite 4 & Battlefield V)

Sharing the same ammo as the Karabiner 98k & Gewehr 43, this lesser known dynamo of the Nazi Germany arsenal was reserved for their paratroopers, specifically the Fallschirmjäger Airborne Infantry. Although used until the end of the war, the gun did not generally see deployment outside of the German Air Forces, greatly limiting its exposure & use in combat. Many instances where it was fielded were clandestine operations where the operators preferred stealth over firing a single shot if it could be helped, making it even more obscure. Most famously, it was used in Otto Skorzeny's team of elite kommandos in their rescue of Benito Mussolini during his initial capture - again without firing a shot. Even so, it came to be recognized as one of the most advanced weapon designs of the Second World War, and examples captured by the US were later used to develop the iconic M60. The 20 round magazines were loaded to the left side of the receiver, and the gun could take ZF-4 scopes, as well as the specific ZFG42 sight. Although the gun predates the STG44, its full rifle cartridge puts it in the Battle Rifle camp rather than an Assault Rifle. Despite this, the large, unique muzzle brake of the FG's 2nd production model makes the gun surprisingly managable in long burst firing in the hands of a trained shooter.

Now I'll make no attempt to fool anyone - you'd NEVER see an original FG42 in the Zone. They only made about ~7,000 of these over 75 years ago (compare that with 1.6 million SVT-40s), and surviving fully automatic specimens in good condition auction well into the 6 digit range. However, like the STG44, there are companies that make custom built semi-auto replicas of high quality. There are options to use the original caliber, or .308 Winchester. They're still not cheap however - expect to blow $5000-6000 if you're serious. But I could definitely see on rare occasion an eccentric Merc with a surplus of Mauser ammo and the means to spit hot fire downrange. If he spent that much to get it made, you know damn well he spent more to convert to full auto. Laws be damned. The Zone is the only law now.

I realize that this is a pipe dream realistically since TAZ is limited with reload animations and the FG42 would be pretty unique in this regard - the only thing that comes close is the Sten, and even then you don't hold the FG by the mag all the time. But perhaps, one day, if we can make it work, this unsung wonder on the wrong side of history can make the jump to the weird side of history.

Roses are Red. Violets are Blue. Fallschirmjägergewehr 42.

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Aug 17 2019 Anchor

Some interesting stuff, but most of them require new and unique animations, which as you know is not that easy to comeby, we do have an animator, but he's quite busy with life and barely manages getting us a gun at a time, we're lucky he's still around getting us stuff done.

If you guys could focus on guns with pre-existing animations it would be much easier for us making it happen. Say MSBS-K and I'll say consider it done :D

Aug 18 2019 Anchor
mp5lng wrote:

Some interesting stuff, but most of them require new and unique animations, which as you know is not that easy to comeby, we do have an animator, but he's quite busy with life and barely manages getting us a gun at a time, we're lucky he's still around getting us stuff done.

If you guys could focus on guns with pre-existing animations it would be much easier for us making it happen. Say MSBS-K and I'll say consider it done :D

Yeah, fair enough. Chiappa Rhinos should be easy to adopt as existing revolver anims should work fine, but even the Ultimax 100 might be a bit difficult. Wielding one could use the Thompson /w Foregrip anims, but the reload would likely have to be new, since its drum mag is fed up directly, instead of slid in from the side like a Tommy's. I'll try to think of more firearms that could use existing animations.

Aug 18 2019 Anchor

After checking it, the U100 might be a possible choice if we do some design changes, for instance, we remove the drum mag and slap a Casket mag, than loose the vertical grip and use a normal handguard. With this we may actually get the gun running with some present animation set. I'll see about this and what I can do.

Aug 18 2019 Anchor
mp5lng wrote:

After checking it, the U100 might be a possible choice if we do some design changes, for instance, we remove the drum mag and slap a Casket mag, than loose the vertical grip and use a normal handguard. With this we may actually get the gun running with some present animation set. I'll see about this and what I can do.

Hmm. I've never heard of it being used with a Casket mag, but that means nothing. If it can accept STANAG standards, there's a casket out there that will work. And losing the foregrip wouldn't mean too much - it's recoil is still really light. FPSRussia actually showed this off back in the day at some point. Damn, why aren't most modern weapons built to be so easy to handle?

(Skip to 4:50)

Also, just wanted to say grats once again on getting the AK-12/15 done so soon. I'm preparing to have some serious fun with these. Now if only the A-545 & A-762 were possible.

Sadly, odds on this are probably low. Compared to the AK-12's coverage, A-545 might as well be top secret. Just the same slight bits of news over and over - that it was tested, performed well enough to be accepted as well as the AK-12/15........and that's about it. Why is this coverage on this gun so elusive? I can't even find more than the same few photos of it over and over.

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