This mod intends to add various weapons from all around the globe to Misery mod, weapons of every stalker's dream. Suggestions, Feedbacks and points of view are very welcomed ! Have fun with these new toys !

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Aug 8 2019

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Jul 31 2019

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Jul 30 2019

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Jul 26 2019

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Jul 25 2019

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Jul 22 2019

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Jul 19 2019

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Jul 18 2019

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Jul 17 2019

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Jun 26 2019

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Jun 22 2019

Class to start the game prados prados - read

Jun 21 2019

Supressed .357? Malarkei

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anyone know how to get the MAC-10? bobbobersin

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PSU-1 Scope Bug? Abe_Froman665

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How to merge this with Les Miserables for Misery samsaq

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questions mp5lng 63 

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AK-110 freedom606

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Buy 'em quick ! V.1 edition freedom606

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