The true method of knowledge is experiment. So, strapped to the underside of a stolen Combine helicopter, you're part of my latest scientific investigation. Objective: To infiltrate and observe this peculiar little island a few miles off shore, its heart burrowed out by our ever-loving benefactors...

Post news RSS Fix for May-26-2010 engine rewrite out!

2010-09, Patch for Minerva Metastasis out!...This patch addresses the problems caused by the May-26-2010 "update. NOTE: There is a one-click solution now- See: Minerva 11-04-2010 Fix for May-2010 update

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May-26-2010 Valve migrated Half-Life 2 onto the Orange Box engine. With this MAJOR re-vamp of the engine, the first Source engine with MAC support a high percentage of older (Created Pre-May-2010) HL2 "Mods", that ran smooth are broken.

AFFECTED PERSONS: Anyone who has been online on or after May-26-2010 and allowed a auto /manual update

2010-09, Patch for Minerva Metastasis out!...This patch addresses the problems caused by the May-26-2010 "update". For those desiring a "official" patch, created by Adam Foster, Aka Cargo Cult the creator of Minerva Metastasis go to his site and nudge him every once an a while. (Ask about the status)

Cargo wrote: Posted: Thu May 27, 2010 12:21 am wrote:

The update's pretty seriously huge (basically, everything's moved to a much more recent version of the engine) so it's not surprising there are problems. I've no idea what the plan was regarding savegames, but it might be best to start that particular map again. (Sorry...) I'm looking into getting a patch out fairly soon - which should add things like fixed animated waves, working models for the globes and security signs, and Mac support. (Ohyes!)


Good news! Thanks for the update!

Minerva is listed at

Here's the link to the Minerva page.

Drop by and let me know what you think.

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righteous. time to finish this, i reckon :) many thanks.

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