You may experience low FPS (frames per second) in your lovely game Minecraft. It is because the game is not fully optimized as it is written in Java. Minecraft also have some stuttering issues in big cities on high-end computers with plenty of cores and RAM. What we can do? The only solution is tweaking. If you are experienced user, then you will have no problems, but many users will. So we developed automatic installer named Minecraft Tweaker, which will allow you to install modifications, optimize your configs and more. For older computers we recommend lowering render distance and Fast option in Quality settings.

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jj :)


Works fine! It increased my FPS from 24 to 40. Thats not 3x but it's more than I've expexted.

There is a problem installing Minecraft Tweaker as an non-admin user.

Fantastic add-on, works great!

awesome I really find it very helpful!!


im gonna give it a try tomorrow :D i read some good comments and a friend recomended me this Addon too :) cheers

Very Nice, It would be perfect but after I installed it Minecraft crashed.
Hasn't crashed since the first round and i've had impeccable frame-rate.
Great job and thank you for making the installation process so easy.

Great little mod; let me decrease all the graphics sufficiently so my cranky old machine can now actually run the game without lagging or jerkiness at all :) Top class.

It's ******** because it doesn't work on Linux.


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