Free to distribute implementation of the much liked Supreme Commander in a Minecraft Forge modification.



The mod works in both survival and adventure modes, but is designed for adventure mode. The mod works with both server and client.

Gameplay mechanics:
You kill mobs for 3 resources: nether stars (zombie/creeper), magma cream (skeleton/witch), ender pearl (spider/enderman).
You harvest for 4 resources: redstone (redstone block), emerald (emerald block), lapis (lapis block), quartz (quartz block)
You craft units/tools with resources: 1star=oak-log, 2stars=cobblestone, 3stars=iron-ore, 4stars=obsidian. video for recipes.
You command with point-and-click: dogs selected with empty off-hand right-click, and commanded with empty main-hand left-click.
You have assisting effects at spawn: endless regeneration 1, resistance 4, and 20hp (10 hearts) of absorption.
You can use the bank: take off-hand resource with 1x quartz crafting, store off-hand resource with 2x quartz crafting.

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MineCom 1.3 Released


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Early Access: MineCom

Early Access: MineCom


MineCom: Supreme Commander in Minecraft: Forge Mod Creating a Rogue Like Strategy Single/Multiplayer Modification in Minecraft with Minecraft Forge.

Tleno - - 1,074 comments

There doesn't seem to be anything RTS in this beyond ability to command animals. The player buff doesn't seem to compare to SupCom commander unit's prowess as it's way harder to whittle down the player, not to mention if you tried to simplify resource collection, this still doesn't match the simplicity of the SupCom system where you have to care about per-second income more than stockpiled amount.

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