Mindworld is a FPS Action Adventure set in a surreal dreamworld. The main concept of the game is to heavily connect with the player's emotions, making the game a movie-like experience. You experience the action with the eyes of Katherine Evans, a 22 year old student of psychology. When her best friend Jack died, her life should totally change. Three years has gone by since the incident and Katherine has found several techniques to connect with her subconscious mind via lucid dreaming. When she finally understands the whole power of lucid dreaming and dream interpretation, the journy into her deepest mind has just begun...

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Mindworld: Making the Jump to IndieDB!

Mindworld: Making the Jump to IndieDB!

News 14 comments

As Mindworld has now gone indie, we are also moving to IndieDB to protect from further confusion regarding the Source engine.

Mindworld: Content Update March 2011

Mindworld: Content Update March 2011

News 8 comments

New stunning Concept Art and Music is only one half of this month's update. It also includes all news that clarify the most important questions that had...

Mindworld Big Content Update

Mindworld Big Content Update

News 13 comments

This is the first big content update that Mindworld publishes. It is containing Concept Art, Audio Tracks and an Interview to inform you guys about the...

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