When Benjamin Carter is thrown into an Aperture prison for a murder he didn't commit, he is mysteriously released from his cell three days later. Who is that wants him released? And why? "MillenniuM" is set in world that thinks it's coming to an end with the turn of the year 2000 - Benjamin Carter may find out why.

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Very nice cant wait for it :P

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Awesome stuff! The team room looks great! Just a couple of suggestions:

*To look more "corporate", have cubicles instead of open desks.
*It's a shame to waste such an awesome space just on having the player pass through it. How about putting a puzzle right in there? Perhaps the player has to pick up an access card on some worker's cubicle desk, and therefore go through the cubicles? Or maybe he needs access to a computer, and they're all locked, except one worker's, who forgot to log out. :-)
*Since Bejamin Carter is a middle manager, there are so many period jokes you could do. Maybe on his desk would be a book titled "How Outsourcing Will Fix Everything". And "The Paperless Office", right next to a huge stack of paper.
*Oh, and somewhere else, maybe there could be a stock ticker showing gains for Enron and Worldcom. :-)
*How about a poster showing a man getting crushed/eaten alive by a huge insect with the heading "The Y2K bug: Are you ready?"
*If this is a period piece, the futuristic Portal 2 textures, doors, and cubes seem out of place in an adjacent room to a realistic period office. Why not save those for later in the game, when the player slowly discovers that this isn't just another corporate office building?

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systemerror51 Author

Hi again yevsterus,

if you're interested check out the latest screens. I tried to put in some of the feedback.

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systemerror51 Author

Hi portal-lover!,
thanks! :)

Hi yevsterus,
wow these are a lot of good suggestions! I will work on those and see how much of it I can put in. Especially the stock ticker... that should be fun to make. For the older textures - I'll see what I can do. There aren't too many "old" textures in the arsenal of Portal 2 - so I have to improvise. I do like the cubicle idea though... that should be fun to make later :) And the unlocked screen as well, maybe Outlook running or something.

The player knows this is not just another corporate building. Carter designed a test track, that's why he got his own team. The player, however, is about to discover something else later :)

Thanks for your input!

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This is the office of the mod's hero, Benjamin Carter. He was supposed to lead a team, but then got arrested for murder, so they stopped working on the office. This is how it looks like right now. Has a lot of env_sprites in it, some triggers, timers, custom sounds and textures.

I hope you like what you see this far.

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