Based on a real place, this mod for the Source engine is played on an abandoned industrial complex. Explore it freely, with a loose story.

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MaskedGEEK says

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Very highly rated Half Life 2 horror mod.

Would say needs some more work to raise ambient horror for the player but on the whole excellent use of sound, environment, lighting and characters. The developer says the mod needs some more polish but I feel the game needs only a very little polish as in it's current form it's certainly playable.

Having the environment change right in front of you is disorientating but I LOVE it. Keeps you guessing and wondering where to go. And finding a key as a graspable object and physically taking it to a door is a nice touch. This mod is the first time ever I've seen that mechanic implemented.

A well deserved 8 out of 10. Would be higher if more ambient horror is included and a slight geometry glitch in the map close to the start needs fixing.

DOWNLOAD NOW, but keep an eye on that door you've just passed.



ghostings says

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Fairly well made mod, but I feel the steam petering out towards the end, but anyhow, on to the breakdown:

+Very well animated cutscenes
+Environments are mapped decently
+Good length

-Rough ending, I didn't know to go through those doors the first time around
-Repetitive scares
-Dead end plot

In regards for the ending, maybe make it so that the discovery of your friends death is something you have to run into and then have the black being spawn behind you to trigger the ending. Other than that this mod was fairly decent. It's all the more tempting to punish with a low score for being so tantalizingly close to perfection, but I'll pay heed to the effort this mod took.


Satiam says

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Bloody scary! This is one of the best horror mods I have played so far. Please give it a try. It is mind blowing.

Absolutely terrifying. Gives me chills. I hate that...that THING! THIS ALL COULD'VE BEEN AVOIDED IF THEY JUST DIDN'T GO SPELUNKING!!!!!!!

This mod was pretty good.

The visuals were decent, but after some time I noticed that there were lots of similar areas, similar scares, similar sounds, and similar puzzles. It became kind of boring. There were lots of empty rooms. Then it ended abruptly.

Though I do like Oliver's ability to drive without touching the steering wheel...

This was a very good mod for suspense, It kept me tense throughout a good amount of it.

Unfortunately there was a point where I was confused on where to go next, and had to resort to a walkthrough for help, just after I finished with the school and clinic.

The figure that watches the player from time to time made a very creepy vibe throughout, but isn't overdone, and is as subtle as the GMan sightings in the original Half-life games.

The ending was a bit of a cop out, as well, though it did provide a good final jump scare in the end. Still, I feel a better ending could have been done.

All in all, still a well put together mod, and creepy enough to keep you on your toes for a few hours.


The mapping was great, and it was all about exploration. I like exploration. The only thing I find a bit sad about this game is the lack of atmosphere... You should try to make more cricket noises, and some wind howling trough the woods... Apart from that, great mod!


Beautiful, well-made and scary as hell. Thx for making this mod.


Rascal07reardon says

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Great mod, lots of suspense. Great atmosphere. The lack of weapons is great.

Each area is pretty big and I would add some more hints on where to go. After I found the forest key I could figure out where I supposed to go into the forest. I instead entered the area where you need to break the window to get into.

The only other problem I had was I got a lot of purple/black texture errors. It was only on surfaces, mostly reflective ones like water, some metal. I got it also on the building windows that weren't see through, and the floor in the house at the beginning.

Other than that great mod. Any chance of continuing?

I liked this mod. Even though it was story-less and the scares were cheep. it was cool. The lack of story is what gives it it's novelty. Very quiet and ominous. Great atmosphere. Like to see better ambiance/music. decent job.

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