Mission: Impossible - New Dawn When Major Sean Dickens’ F-15 crashes over Utah, everything looks like an accident. However, as the wreck is recovered, Dickens is gone, and with him the F-15’s deadly cargo: a new generation warhead. Ethan Hunt’s mission is clear: the warhead has to be recovered before Dickens is able to sell it, and Dickens, along with the possible buyer, a former Russian general, with unknown intentions, have to be eliminated. However, all too soon Hunt realizes that things aren’t as they seem, and suddenly finds himself right in the line of fire. In his quest to gain answers, Hunt hits upon a conspiracy that puts doubts upon the trustworthiness of his own ranks, and change everything he believed in. He has nothing to rely on. And nobody left to trust. But whoever is trying to deceive him – they have obviously forgotten with whom they have to deal… Releasedate: Out now!!! Check our Website to download!!!

Keystrokes says

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I don't suggest this mod. The guns do inconsistent amount of damage. The pistols take nearly nine shots, but the SMG you get immediately after that only takes a few. The voice actors sound like accented text to speech programs, with the exceptions of a few. The Gunkata attacks make you lose all of your bullet time, and sometimes this happens before you can actually choose your gunkata move, leading to wasted BT.

Now...onto the good. The soundtrack is great, and I assume it is all taken from the movie. The level design is really good and you can interact with most objects in the world, however this does not even begin to make up for the gameplay issues.

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