Metropolitan Mayhem is a 15-map mod for Duke Nukem 3D (Atomic Edition). It's themetically very close to the original first and third episodes (LA Meltdown & Shrapnel City) of Duke Nukem 3D, concentrating almost exclusively on classic urban-themed maps. The original plan was to spend at most 24 hours working on each map so map sizes vary from small to medium. In total the mod should provide an hour's worth of oldskool entertainment. If you liked Duke3D, particularly its city maps, you cannot miss Metropolitan Mayhem. The mod was designed by MetHunter, MRCK, Mikko Sandt and Merlijn van Oostrum.

Manny_F. says

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Short and sweet. Very well designed levels, with many original and creative features. The Subway level gets the cake though, really makes you feel as if you were running and gunning through a real, interconnected city.

Great work overall and a enjoyable experience for an entertaining night worth of gameplay (as I just did)

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