At the moment a very much Alpha version is available, where Lissae has become an all around nature seller in the Refugee Camp, and as well as in Silverfall. Also Nekol (Cloudworks) has become fully Tech seller. Lissae, Nekol, Chalnuk (Refugee Camp) and Vefidos (Elf Village) have all increased their stock size three times. At the moment the General magic loot % has increased twice the normal.

 This mod works with every save game and every character!

Beta Easter Egg: Techno elf guy Hurgol in elf vilage is now holding a chainsword.

Every feedback and idea is very much welcomed!

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BETA version plans:
-Finishing to put both type of sellers in main cities and locations later in the game too,

-Introducing the Travelling Goblin merchant in every dungeon to buy off the excess loot, as reducing the travelling (loading) time. These guys would only sell potions by default, but buy everything,

-Reduce the amount of loot compared to the ALPHA, but leave it higher quality in percent as it is. In the shops too. This way everything is more expensive, but the money is more too. However you can easily run out of even 100-200k by buying 10-15 highly enchanted items, and you will be, since the selection will be there. And there is always a better one... :D

Cheers, Ed 

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Merchant mod ALPHA

Merchant mod ALPHA

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Alpha version is available. Please try it and enjoy. It works with every save game and every character!


does the mod adds new items and stuff

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