Mental Omega: Almost Perfect Yuri's Revenge is a free unofficial expansion pack for Command & Conquer Red Alert 2 Yuri's Revenge. The mod retells and continues the storyline of the original game. Enhanced with Ares DLL, Mental Omega 3.3 strives to bring new features to the game, including a completely new side: the Foehn Revolt.

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RA2 is my favourite game. It has accompanied me for more than 16 years so you can see RA2 has become part of my life.Nowadays most people play LoL Dota or SC, seldom can I see a person enjoy playing RA2.So I am really happy to see there are still some people, for example, Speeder and his team, try their best to creat such amazing mod.
(By the way,when can I play MO3.3 :)? I have waited it since 12.1.2013)

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Easily one of the best, most professional "YR+" mods around. MO is genuinely produced as a "YR expansion", continuing the game's theme and storyline with a whole brand new campaign for all three factions.

While bringing in a few new ideas and a lot of new units for the games houses (without being overcrowded), MO doesn't depart too much from the original games atmosphere - a great mod for anyone who wants 'a little bit more YR'.

Nov 19 2010 by OmegaBolt