Men of War is probably the best ww2 strategy game on the market, but it lacks most of all one thing: a skirmish mode where you can have huge battles against an AI player. It is a shame that you have so many units available that you can rarely use in the campaigns. Battlefield mode is a unique skirmish mode, more advanced than those you can find in Assault Squad, whose objectives are the following: • Create a challenging single player skirmish with a great variety of battles. • Build a sandbox to allow inexperienced players to set up their own scenario quickly given a prebuilt map.

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Jan 11 2012 Anchor

This is my concept for the UK faction, which is currently work in progress:

The UK faction has all units available despite the Support Command chosen. Its main feature is officers. Officers can use flare guns to call in artillery strikes (more or less like in Assault Squad). There are three kinds of officers: Squad Leader, who can request a mortar barrage once, Sergeant, who can request more than one mortar barrage, Leutenent, who can request a .25 pdr barrage and finally Captain, who can request 6 inch heavy artillery barrages, but you can have only one per game.

Another features of UK, is that their elite infantry, such as Commandos and CQB Team can use incendiary grenades. Incendiary grenades explodes on impact and burn the target. They are very effective also against tanks if thrown on the engine.

The support commands are the following:

This support command is centered around the usage of officers to boost your troops. The following Support Operations are featured:
LEADERSHIP: While active (60 seconds) infantry near officers gain some combat bonuses.
QUICK REQUISITION: You will get random tech points depending on the highest officer rank (Sergeant: 1, Leutenent: 2, Captain: 3)
EMERGENCY SUPPLIES: For 180 seconds your command points income will be increased by 300, but for the next 180 seconds it will be reduced by the same amount.
PRODUCTION EFFICIENCY: For 120 seconds, for each called in vehicle or cannon you will receive another unit of that kind.

This support command is useful to infiltrate powerful units behind enemy lines. It is more or less the equivalent of the Airborne Support Command of the USA, but while the latter is centered around infantry support and planes, the former is centered around elite infantry squads and special vehicles.
GLIDER: A glider will land at the designated location, carrying a squad of Commando Heavy Infantry and light supplies.
TETRARCH TANK: A glider carrying a tetrarch tank will land at the designated location.
SAS SABOTAGE SQUAD: You will paradrop a squad of SAS with dynamites and other sabotage tools.
CAPTURED ENEMY VEHICLES: Commandos were trained in the usage of foreign equipment and can capture vehicles from the enemy. You will get a random Panzer IV Ausf. G, StuG III Ausf. G, a Panther or a Tiger (small chance) recrewd by Commandos.

The infamous 7th Armoured Division is at your service. This Support Command combines the ability of infiltrating infantry squad behind enemy lines with heavy mechanized infantry.
ARMOURED INFANTRY: A squad of mechanized infantry accompanied by a bren Carrier will enter the field.
INFILTRATORS: A squad of Desert Rats saboteurs will infiltrate the enemy lines (like Brandeburger Infiltrators of he Infantry Support Command) carrying remote controlled explosives.
MECHANICAL SABOTAGE: All vehicles containing a remote explosive put in by Infiltrators will detonate instantly.
CHURCHILL MK VII: The heaviest tank available for the United Kingdom, with 152mm of frontal armor.

DIG IN: Deployed static guns will receive fortification kits for 120 seconds.
HEAVY ENGINEERS: Combat engineers with mines, mine detectors and flamethrowers.
APDS ROUNDS: Deployed tanks and guns will receive APDS rounds if available (6 pdr AT gun, Cromwell, 17pdr AT gun, Churchill MK IV and Crusader) for 120 seconds.
DEFENSIVE SUPPORT: You will receive a random cannon every 15 seconds for 120 seconds.

The following General Support Operations are featured:
SPIONAGE: You will receive a minimap ping to mark the location of an enemy unit for 120 seconds.
ALLIED AID: You will receive the support of a Commonwealth or USA squad (USA mechanized infantry, Canadian Battlegroup or 3 Canadian Infantry squads).

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