This is an authorised submod of Perisno, with a few additions from DtheHun (thank you, sir!). It is focused mostly on adding more female troops to Perisno. Demonic and Eagle Pilgrims are upgradeable. The recruits of most kingdoms may now be converted at promotion to Perisno recruits (which are slightly upgraded). It's now possible to build your Perisno Empire army from the beginning. Note that only recruits may be converted; once troops are set in their culture, they keep it. Redwood Elves and Valahir cannot be converted -- they are different cultures entirely. Perisno Pilgrims now have female counterparts, the Perisno Initiates. All troops of these clerical orders use blunt weapons (even the cavalry lances). Female troops have had armour changes to make them look a little bit more professional. Non-mercenary female troops tend to be a bit prettier than before, with more hairstyles. Peasant Women and Refugees can be upgraded along many different paths now.

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I played it a few days and now I come to the conclusion this mod makes the awesome Perisno even more awesome:

Most changes refer to female troops. And all of them make sense and improve the mod experience.

Ladies and other females look prettier and some armour changes make them look cooler, too.

I also like the idea of increasing the training speed a bit and that you can build a Perisno-Army from the start on - it's a suprisingly good balance.

Despite the improved females my favourite change is the upgrade option for demon pilgrims - ths just rocks ^^

amazing mod!
i'm sure i'll enjoy from it a lot.

Absolutely amazing mod indeed! I love it from the start. XD


One of the best mods around. It has some very cool new features other than the native one and a brand new map with new factions and troops. Specially being a fantasy I really love it.


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Great graphics

This will improve a lot with the next version of Perisno, on which it is based. Stay tuned!




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