MEHEM is a reinterpretation of the endings of Mass Effect 3, which allows Commander Shepard to survive the final mission, among many other changes. It features custom videos and slides, re-engineered gameflow, original as well as re-arranged voice acting, new music, etc.

What does MEHEM do in detail (obvious spoiler warning)?
- It removes the catalyst scene. No ifs, not buts. It's gone for good. (So is your choice, you will now destroy the reapers no matter what)
- It introduces a whole new scene showing how Joker disobeys orders and keeps the Normandy in the fight long enough for Shepard to be rescued (with the help of a certain Alliance captain :))
- The Normandy no longer crash-lands on the Weirdo Planet
- The Geth and EDI survive. EDI is now present during the memorial and new slides were added to the epilogue that will show the geth, if they are alive.
- The epilogue slides now show survivors on the Citadel, most prominently Aria and Cpt. Baley.
- You will see your Shepard reunited with his crew (and even some interaction unique to your LI if the LI is part of the Normandy crew). While they don't exactly have a party, now it is a real bitter-sweet ending with the emphasis on "sweet" rather than on "bitter"
- The musical score is changed quite extensively, including the credits song
- Since by the time of v0.3, quite a few people have contributed to this mod, I implemented some MEHEM credits in the stargazer scene.
- Since v0.2, Harbinger will say a few lines during the beam run

MEHEM v0.5 changelog:
New features and improvements:
- The mod is now a DLC
- JohnP's additional LI mod is implemented
- New final Normandy flyby scene
- Adjustments to the credits
- Most problems with the installer should be a thing of the past, since MEHEM is now a DLC
- NG+ not working after playing through MEHEM is fixed
- Subtitles (speaker names) are fixed
- Video timing has been slightly adjusted
- Emails are corrected for spelling/grammar (thnaks to RPGenius and giftfish)
- Cpt. Fob's email now triggers properly
- If you want to combine MEHEM with JohnP's extended Anderson conversation mod, the music fix is no longer necessary

New features of MEHEM v0.4:
- MEHEM now features 2 very different endings. Which one you will see depends on you EMS score
- The high EMS ending has been improved with new custom made videos
- Upon installation of MEHEM v0.4, you can now choose between the old v0.3 soundtrack and an entirely new and original soundtrack, composed and provided by sH0tgUn jUliA
- The slides for Miranda and Jack will now show during the epilogue, with Miranda having a new slide
- Miranda's and Jack's final moment after the memorial scene has been remade
- You will now get a couple of additional emails throughout the game*, as well as an additional action the SPECTRE terminal on the Citadel
- Adjusted the credits to account for all the people who came in to help on the project
- There is one more secret addition. If you find something unexpected while playing, report it here or on the BSN forums. :)

MEHEM v0.3 changelog:
New features and improvements:
- Jack and Miranda now have individual farewell videos (this is still a bit buggy, will be fixed in v0.4)
- A couple of new and colour corrected scenes for the videos
- The game now detects automatically if you saved the geth or not and shows the appropriate slides. No more manual file changes are required
- Stargazer scene now features MEHEM credits
- Various bugfixes

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MEHEM, the Mass Effect Happy Ending Mod just got updated to v0.5. The biggest change is that the mod now uses the DLC method, meaning it is self contained in it's own DLC, rather than changing game files that already existed. This increases compatibility with other mods and general user convenience.

Other updates include the addition of Miranda and Jack to the memorial scene (if romanced by Shepard), a higher quality final flyby video, fixed subtitles and a restored NG+ import capability.

MEHEM v0.5 Installer

With switch to DLC also gives us more freedom for further additions in future versions of the mod, so stay tuned.

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MEHEM v0.5 Installer

MEHEM v0.5 Installer

Full Version 28 comments

This is the installer for MEHEM v0.5 (see changelog in the mod description. Simply download the zip archive, extract the installer, run it and follow...

MEHEM v0.4 Installer

MEHEM v0.4 Installer

Full Version 69 comments

This is the installer for MEHEM v0.4. This is an old version and we recommend using v0.5 instead. Simply download and extract the archive and run mehem04.exe...

MEHEM v0.3 Installer

MEHEM v0.3 Installer

Full Version

An installer for MEHEM v0.3. The installer automatically creates a backup of all your files and is also packed with an uninstaller which will restore...

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How do the endings work? My question has to do with the Love Interest. On my current playthrough my ME1 LI was Ashley, in ME2 was Miranda, which one will appear in ME3? Or more important, how are people getting Miranda if in ME3 you barely see her?

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I just finished Mass Effect 3 for the second time. I was not satisfied with BioWare "happy" ending and by a coincidence I found out about this mod and decided to play a whole new game, but from ME2 (yeah, the second time I skipped 1)

I'm glad that people developed this mod, it made everything happier, really. BUT here are my complaints:

-The ending soundtrack is well made BUT not for the ocasion, it feels reeeeally off, doesn't fit!
-Some of the aditional spoken lines need work, some are louder then others and sometimes it just doesen't fit.
-You guys could have kept the scene from the crash of the Normandy, it was a nice scene, and could add Shepard on there.
-Finally, the quality of some cinematics are different than others, some feels like having a lower resolution.

Thanks for the good work, hope you guys accept the criticism and I hope that you people keep making great mods.

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loved the mod. but is there anyway to change the soundtrack towards the end? it seems sooo off like it doesnt fit in at all. i do like the ending tho. like which version do i need for this that soundtrack is what i thought id be getting O.o but nope or did that have to do with my galactic readiness level? cuz i had the asset bar thing soo close to being full but had 50% readiness cause no one plays online. so what version or what do ineeda do to have an ending like that?

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i have a quick question? ik i need extended cut installed. does that mean i have to run the story finish it then start a new game so that the ending takes place? i dont understand what you ment by you need to have a saved file with the extended cut? does that happen once u start a new campaign with the extended cut or what?

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Hey, I simply wanted to say:
I just played through the whole Mass Effect trilogy and finished ME3 with your mod installed. Absolutely phenomenal work! I've never been so happy after a Mass Effect playthrough. Also the cutscenes are really well done. Sure, some of the cuts maybe a little rough sometimes but so are a lot of the vanilla cutscenes. I bet if someone didn't know there was a mod installed and never played the game before they wouldn't notice.
So again, well done, thank you very much for creating that mod!

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To get the best MEHEM ending, do I still need to score above 4,000 EMS?

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TheFob Creator

Nope, the cut-off for the "good" MEHEM ending is somewhere around 2600.

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I haven't got ME3 so I can't play it yet but I can suggest one improvement: Indoctrination Theory.

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This theory is disproven by one simple thing, the prothean computer doesn't detect any indoctrination.

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That was during ME1. The indoctrination theory can hold water with two and beyond. The real symptoms of indoctrination don't really take hold until 3 anyway.

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Having replayed ME2 just recently, there's a few key points where Indoctrination Theory holds water.
I'm glad this mod exists, but Indoctrination could be a great 'bad end'

(Spoiler warning)
Project Lazarus could have included reaper tech, although Cerberus probably wouldn't have known at the time.

The Dead Reaper had everyone on the Normandy sufficiently close to a disintegrating reaper, who's to say some nazara didn't scrape off and go with the Normandy.

Arrival DLC has Shepard in some potentially compromising situations.

The Collector base is sketchy AF.

In ME3 it gets more and more possible with every encounter.

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Makes the ending less "art" and more enjoyable. Well done to all who have worked on this, and I look forward to the versions to come!

Oct 16 2013 by rad666a

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