This mod adds a different feel to Max Payne 2 with changes such as bullet time music, tweaked bullet time, edited gun damage, new gun sounds, ability to shoot through items, tweaked ragdoll, new blood pattern and most characters in the game have been changed or tweaked in some way. The music has been changed and based on a metal theme. Music from such bands are Fear Factory, Mudvyane, Disturbed, Devildriver, Drowning Pool, Dope and Sevendust.

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This mod is pretty good. The new gameplay features are well done, the soundtrack and weapon sounds are both brutal and make the entire game feel more intense.

However, the mustaches bother me. Max looks more like a traditional film noire cop, to be sure. But this mod throws most film noire out the window and makes the game feel more hardcore and brutal. I couldn't see Vlad or Max with mustaches. Facial hair is normally an extension of the individual's personality. Vlad would most like have a clean shaven or small mustache in this game, as he is a suave and sleek character. Max, on the other hand, would probably sport either a clean shaven or a beard. The mustaches just do not fit their characters.

...Did I just rant about facial hair?

And for the record, I am not removing points for the facial hair. It rubs me the wrong way, but I wouldn't remove points for something you see ten times at the most. This is just the score I find reasonable.


This mod has a lot to offer, shooting through certain objects, more cheats, different HUD, ect. But some of the skins aren't very favorable. Max Payne looks like a pedophile with a fake party mustache on, as well as Vlad's new skin. The new HUD is new but some may not like it that much. The new menu looks like it's been slapped together and the music is kind of annoying. This mod would have gotten a 10/10 if it weren't for the skins and the new menus. It's just not that good, but a updated/improved patch would be good. This mod need much more improvements which isn't bad. Skins could be better, Menus could be better, and the HUD might as well be left alone. This gets a 4 because some elements are good but the rest are not so good.Sounded a bit like a douche, guess i wasn't having a good day that day...


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