2097 AD. Secret agent called Snake is sent to Phobos, which was terraformed and turned into a green paradise and citadel of Galatex Corporation, the largest corporation of the solar system. Now this fortress was attacked by some Dancer, who turned a satellite of Mars into a bloody hell. Moving to a single purpose known to his own, he has left behind only corpses. Commanders of Snake don't care for Galatex, but they really want to know - what exactly Dancer hunts for?

flippedoutkyrii says

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Well, if there was an award for a mod that has sent me into more fit's of F-bombs, Massive Attack would take the grand prize... yay...

Yes, the mod can be beautiful at times, yes, it's a nice break from a tropical island, yes, some of the maps have great action sequences and great scripting... but it's just so damn frustrating and obnoxious.

For starters, the mod jumps from Metal Gear Solid to AVP, Far Cry to Land of the Dead and hell, even Terminator makes a grand entrance. The story is hard to follow (Then again, the Metal Gear series have such absurd story lines I suppose it makes sense) and the cut-scenes are boring and incredibly long and tedious. And for every good level (I enjoyed the zombie and horror levels, especially the scene with the black ooze engulfing the hallway) there was a stupid, horribly built level.

Even with the patches that address the worst issues with the game, was that underwater maze level REALLY necessary? And many of the boss fights are incredibly one sided and punishingly difficult.

All the levels, good or bad, always revolve around key-finding. I gave up several times and just no-clipped my way through unlocked doors just so I could end this mess.

Many times I jumped from rating to rating, as some of the levels were well done, but in order to get to them you have to get through a swamp of terrible gameplay.
But considering all the pro's for this game, it's simply too frustrating for me to give it any more then a 2.

Don't bother.

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