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Mass Effect Reborn is a mod that aims to recreate the Mass Effect Universe created by BioWare into Homeworld 2. This version is no longer supported, please visit our new page on ModDB for Homeworld: Remastered:

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Today we are pleased to officially unveil our brand-new mod page for Mass Effect: Reborn, dedicated to the Remastered version of our total-conversion.

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Today we are pleased to officially unveil our brand-new mod page for Mass Effect: Reborn, dedicated to the Remastered version of our total-conversion. First of all we have various announcements to make about the later, about our new pages and the way Homeworld: Remastered supports mods in the short and long term.

New pages for our respective mods

If you're wondering why we decided to create new mod pages on ModDB, it is because we wanted to avoid any confusion between the Classic versions and the Remastered ones. Therefore we decided to publish new pages in which the content will be related exclusively to the Remastered versions. Please consider visit our other new mod pages to make sure you subscribed if you are interested.

Stargate Space Conflict: click-here
Battlestar Galactica Fleet Commander: click-here

We changed the URL of our classic mod pages so that the original addresses we used thus far will be dedicated to the Remastered versions. It is a way for us to make sure our mods stay at the same position in web search engines. Older versions now have a "-classic" at the end of their URL. Of course, you need to track our new pages to receive updates from them. On the other hand older ones are not going to be updated, so that you won't receive any updates from them anymore.

You will notice that some of our members at Phoenix Interactive spent some time on our new mod profiles. We have a customized design, which is more elegant, more productive and less-space consuming. We hope you will enjoy it as much as we do.

Homeworld: Remastered & Mass Effect: Reborn

We have really great plans for Mass Effect: Reborn. We've been working hard thus far and the next release of Mass Effect: Reborn for Homeworld: Remastered is going to be radically different, much more immersive and more than beautiful. We really want to give to our community and new players the best Mass Effect experience we can, and we hope we will have your support. We have new features, textures up to 8K, new ideas, a much more developed gameplay, new research trees and so on...

Consider that the previous release of Mass Effect: Reborn is the past. It was in alpha stage, and probably a rushed one. It looked like it was just Homeworld with Mass Effect ships, which is not what we seek. We want Mass Effect; Reborn to be a truly Mass Effect experience. That is what fan-base is about, but we are fans, and we are doing this for other ones. We love this universe. We will certainly publish a new announcement really soon to discuss about our new content, and our development perspectives. For now we don't have yet Gearbox's Modding tools, but we are working on an overall High Definition improvement for our respective mods. By the way some screenshots from the Remastered version are available in our page by clicking-here.

Stay tuned. Stay illusive.
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It'd be really cool if battles in ME:R could look like they're described in the Codex, as long-range artillery battles.

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Erayser Author

Noted! Would love to make it happen. I believe we should improve the area in which Alliance cruisers (for example) can target enemy ships.

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Thanks for your dedication! I think Mass Effect Reborn is going to be super stunning on the remastered edition that it would be like the official cutscenes. By the way, which colors are you going to use ? Those used in the games or Homeworld genre ?

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Erayser Author

I believe you're talking about the backgrounds ? Mostly dark ones, as the Mass Effect universe rather uses dark space colors.

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I'm curious, what kind of factions are you going to have? Are the Turians, Asari, and Alliance going to stay as the Councilian Races or will they eventually get factions of their own? If they do not get their own factions will we see a similar treatment for the Terminus factions; Batarians, Vorcha, and the various mercenary groups (Blood pack, Eclipse, and Blue suns). I have no doubt that the Quarians will be included but I'm eager to find out how you will be able to divide their ships into classes; since they do not go into specifics in the game. This is the best Mass Effect mod out there, it might even be one of the best mods out right now.

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Guys, I loved your mod for the classic version, I will follow your updates, if you wish me to make a video on my youtube channel (50k subs in spanish) just contact me through twitter and I will do it for free ;) @hugothester

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