The reapers have returned from dark space. With Earth under attack and the mass relays in a state of chaos from refugees and the councils fleet engaging reaper forces the galaxy is a mess. The outcome is unknown, the warfare is devastating. The galaxy will never be the same.

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Reaper invasion General Discussion FriendlyRatel BigFriendlyBurito - read

Mar 21 2021

Asteroid Fields General Discussion starbuck1988 Prosecutor - read

Mar 9 2020

Reapers: Not being in the Reaper Faction? Bug Report JawsOnYou67 Prosecutor - read

Mar 9 2020

crash on loading screen Bug Report flamoirs flamoirs - read

Aug 14 2019

Merc's Limited Infighting Research Bug Report revanauditore92 revanauditore92 - read

Jun 15 2019

Units keep leaving the grav well... Bug Report D0g D0g - read

Apr 14 2019

DOTR 0.7.1 General Discussion shannylove RoyalRaptor - read

Mar 17 2019

Sagan Assault Carrier Crash Bug Report Nukacolared Nukacolared - read

Jan 28 2019

Cerberus research Bug Report joseph513 joseph513 - read

Nov 24 2018

Couple of problems with the Council Faction Bug Report forealdo forealdo - read

May 23 2018

is this mod still alive General Discussion shannylove shannylove - read

Dec 23 2017

I can't play with anyone but Cerberus Bug Report Metaladict97 Metaladict97 - read

Oct 11 2017

Can't get past Initial loading screen Bug Report Castcynicism hacd89 - read

Sep 11 2017

Still a live? General Discussion Arik9 Arik9 - read

Aug 26 2016

Disappearing Cursor! Bug Report SirTerrenceHood SirTerrenceHood - read

Apr 20 2016

AI Problems? General Discussion FraggertheBoss FraggertheBoss - read

Feb 14 2016

No Repair Dock Bug Report Yuri0i Yuri0i - read

Sep 2 2015

factions... General Discussion shadowslasher1 savicdaniel - read

May 18 2015

Reaper ravager bug Bug Report TheodorusBond TheodorusBond - read

Mar 7 2015

Can't install it! Bug Report QueenAnnsRevenge QueenAnnsRevenge - read

Sep 21 2014

Gaza Siege Frigate General Discussion cpl_cupcake cpl_cupcake - read

Sep 2 2014

heya guys. General Discussion ObviousLee TheChaosOfCreation - read

May 30 2014


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