v05 Update. Better performance and automated install! ----------------- This mod is not for everyone! Default ME3 graphics are quite good, but sometimes it's nice to see things from a different perspective. This mod intentionally sacrifices some clarity and IQ in shadowed areas in order to create a more dramatic and cinematic effect. A blue filter is also applied to add a colder, more foreboding atmosphere (remember, this is the galaxy at war!). This mod is a work-in progress and will be tweaked for the final release of the game. CURRENTLY, YOU MUST DISABLE THE ORIGIN OVERLAY FOR THIS TO WORK. To do this, open Origin, click the gear icon in the top-right. Then go Settings > In-Game > Uncheck "Enable Origin In-game". If you do not do this, there is a good chance that ME3 will crash when using this mod.

Soliddoors_ZA says

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This mod is fantastic to say the least... It makes the graphics look far more detailed and more befitting to the "galaxy at war" theme. Thanks to this mod I am enjoying a replay, with what feels like a completely new game. A must have for Mass Effect 3 fans!

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